McCord Centre for Landscape


Projects in Britain

The following research projects are focused on the UK landscape.

Projects in Europe

The following research projects explore European landscapes.

  • Apalirou Environs Project, Naxos
    Project Leader(s): Knut Ødegård (Oslo), Håkon Ingvaldsen (Oslo), Jim Crow (Edinburgh), Athanasios K. Vionis (Cyprus), Sam Turner (Newcastle)
  • Cultural Heritage Through Time
    Project Leader(s): Jon Mills (Newcastle University, UK)
  • The Lateran Project
    Project Leader(s): Ian Haynes (Newcastle University); Paolo Liverani (Università degli Studi di Firenze); Giandomenico Spinola (Musei Vaticani); Salvatore Piro (ITABC, CNR); Iwan Peveritt (Soluis)

Projects Further Afield

The following research projects have an interest in landscapes outside of the UK and Europe.

Past Projects

See some of recently completed projects we were involved in.

Projects in Britain

Projects in Europe

Projects further afield