McCord Centre for Landscape


Unlocking the Ionian Landscape: Historic Landscapes of Urla-Çeşme Peninsula (Izmir, Turkey)

This project will develop innovative methods for landscape archaeology through the case-study of the Urla-Çeşme Peninsula (İzmir), an area that forms a considerable part of the Ionian landscape. The research will build a new approach to historic landscapes through a series of successive steps. The first step is to analyse datasets collected by the Applicant from 2006-15, and supplement them with targeted geomorphological survey. The second step is to apply Historic Landscape Characterization (HLC) to model and present the changing historic character of the study area. Finally, the project will use the resulting models to facilitate co-creative approaches to landscape with local communities. The aim is to develop skills, create knowledge and promote understanding of landscape as cultural heritage amongst both academic researchers and non-specialist community groups.