About Us

About Us

nanoLAB is a designated research centre at Newcastle University, specialising in nanoscience and technology.

nanoLAB consists of 218 members of staff and students from across all three faculties in Newcastle University, bringing a wealth of expertise and insights.  See below for details on laboratories and facilities available to all staff members.

The aim is to pursue new opportunities and innovations in nanoscience and nanotechnology but we also enable opportunities for cross collaboration in other areas.  nanoLAB hosts a seminar each month with a variety of speakers - internal and external, with the aim to identify challenges and scope for future work.  You can visit our events page for details on past events, presentation slides, and upcoming events.

Join the nanoLAB network to gain access to new opportunities, University facilities and a wealth of expertise.

An example of some current projects with nanoLAB links are:


Newcastle University’s Molecular Pathology Node


Merz Court


We broker access to lab facilities around the university such as:

  • Electrical Characterisation Lab
    • an extensive array of tests on semiconductor devices and structures
  • Quartz Crystal Nanobalance (QCN)
    • used to measure the mass changes on an electrode surface
  • Fabrication Clean Rooms
    • an excellent learning environment for both teaching and research
    • the UK's National EPSRC XPS (X-ray Photoelectron Spectroscopy) Users' Service
  • INEX
    • a commercial nano and microfabrication facility on campus. The only costs are for consumable items (eg materials).
  • other equipment
    • INEX has also provided equipment to the University that has been re-distributed across campus which all staff and students are welcome to use at no cost.  Some pieces of equipment will need to be booked.


We run monthly seminars. These are an opportunity for networking, as there is a buffet lunch prior to the speaker.

The format is a 15-20 minute presentation followed by discussion. There is a cross-disciplinary audience and speakers present opportunities for new research in order to stimulate discussion among the group.

Other events include postgraduate poster days and tutorials by research theme members on the fundamental aspects of their research.


Our research is separated into four main themes:

Our Vision is to promote and support:

  • world class research in the domain of nanoscience and technology at Newcastle
  • multidisciplinary research including applied nanoscience and technology for societal and economic benefit
  • commercialisation of our research and engagement with the community

Contact us for further information.