INEX is a microfabrication facility. We do contract development, manufacturing and commercialisation for specialist electronic devices, microsystems and nanotechnology.

We work with technology innovators and systems integration firms worldwide. We develop and commercialise new technologies and products.

INEX is based in the Herschel Annex, Kings Road. This is an ideal location for bespoke process development. We can supply MEMS and specialist electronic device solutions.

Find out more on the INEX website.

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Please read the following documents to familiarise yourself with the the new process.

Download our nanoLAB / INEX Process Work Flow  (PDF: 184 KB). This explains how the process works for requesting INEX services.

To enquire about access, fill in an INEX Work Request Form  (PDF: 267 KB). nanoLAB will authorise projects once a quotation has been supplied.


We received funding from a central University fund (nanoLAB Impact Initiative Account). This covers labour-related activities.

Materials are still chargeable. Acost centre will need to be provided on the Work Request Form to cover this.

Your project will be assessed by INEX engineers. If, after these discussions, your project does not go ahead, you might be charged for the engineers' time.

Please make sure that discussion time is noted in your application.

Contact us

For queries on the process, contact

For technical enquiries:

Telephone: 0191 5007200