Newcastle Centre for the Literary Arts



Here you will find details of the Centre's forthcoming events.

  • Alistair Elliot: A Celebration

    Date/Time: Tuesday 12 November, 7.15pm

    Venue: Percy Building G.05

  • Peter Hebden and Kate Sweeney

    Date/Time: Thursday 5 December

    Venue: Armstrong Building, G.42

  • Ruth McIIroy and Degna Stone

    Date/Time: Thursday 7 November

    Venue: Armstrong Building, G.42

  • One Book Event Reading Group

    Date/Time: Thursday 14 November, 1-2pm

    Venue: The venue will be emailed to you on booking

  • On Adaptation: Hannah Greig and Gwyneth Hughes

    Date/Time: Thursday 5 December, 7.15pm

    Venue: Culture Lab

  • Booker Prize Foundation & Newcastle University Event: Elmet

    Date/Time: Thursday 14 November, 7.15pm

    Venue: King’s Hall

  • Malika Booker and Jo Shapcott

    Date/Time: Thursday 12 December, 7.15pm

    Venue: Culture Lab

  • Peter Bennet and Keith Hutson

    Date/Time: Thursday 28 November, 7.15pm

    Venue: Culture Lab

  • Michael Hughes in conversation with Sinéad Morrissey

    Date/Time: Thursday 7 November, 7.15pm

    Venue: Culture Lab

  • Ilya Kaminsky in conversation with Sasha Dugdale

    Date/Time: Thursday 24 October, 7.15pm

    Venue: Culture Lab

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