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Black Lives Matter

NCLA stands in solidarity with Black Lives Matter, and with the wave of recent protests on both sides of the Atlantic in the wake of the murder of George Floyd and against centuries of systematic racism, inequality and injustice. Since its inception, NCLA has been committed to diversity and inclusion in our outreach programmes and in our curation of public literature events. But we also fully recognise that there is so much more work to do. This critical juncture is an opportune moment to re-evaluate our practice and direction of travel in the light of our determination to help instigate real and lasting change. Equitable representation, a vital goal in itself, is only part of the story, and whilst we work harder towards achieving this, we also commit to engaging with new audiences, and to empowering individuals from hitherto marginalised and underrepresented groups through commissioning, mentorship, publication and performance opportunities. Denouncing prejudice in all its forms, we pledge to examine our activities now and in the future and to be part of an enriched and revitalised conversation about art, human rights and social justice, as we strive together to build a better world for current generations and for generations to come.

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