NU Smart Farms

NU Smart Farms

From molecules to on-farm production systems

Applying precision science and innovation to improve decision making at the field, farm and societal scale

The Newcastle University farms facilitate interdisciplinary science. From molecular to field, farm and landscape scale, we address challenges facing farming today. Our integrated monitoring-modelling approach enables us to:

  • simulate real-time activities on our farms
  • predict impacts of future management scenarios

We're developing a better understanding of the complex interactions that underpin modern farming. This understanding allows us to identify bottlenecks and obstacles to efficient production. We use this knowledge to design and test improved farming systems.

We advance the development, evaluation and demonstration of technologies and approaches to farming that:

  • result in improved profitability of farms
  • promote the health and welfare of livestock
  • promote the sustainability of the wider environment
  • enhance the production of healthy and nutritious food for future generations