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Research and Teaching across Newcastle University Farms

Bringing together education and research to drive progress in the fields of agriculture and animal science.

Teaching driven by research

Newcastle University (NU) Farms provides a diverse range of on-farm educational opportunities, including:

  • student field trips
  • dissertation projects
  • Summer scholarships and placements
  • farm-based teaching modules

Our agriculture and animal science degrees are delivered by the School of Natural and Environmental Sciences.

Research across NU Farms

The ongoing research at NU Farms plays a pivotal role in:

  • helping improve food security
  • promoting rural development
  • shaping a better future for our livestock

Our fourteen experimental farm research platforms focus on strategically important topics.

On-farm laboratories, glasshouses and conference facilities also support our research platforms. Newcastle University, and our partners, use them for teaching, research and knowledge exchange.

Read our research impact statement: Newcastle University Farms Impact Statement