School of Psychology

Staff Profiles

Dr Gabriele Jordan

Senior Lecturer


Research Interests

Colour Vision. My main research background is in human psychophysics and one of my long-term interests concerns the inter-individual variabilities seen in X-linked (red/green)colour vision of both colour-normal and colour-deficient observers. Recent discoveries include the existence of tetrachromatic females and the finding that so-called colour-deficient observers can discriminate hues that are invisible to colour-normal observers.

Other Expertise

Cognitive mechanisms mediating mental illness. More recently I have been using lab-based paradigms to measure selective attention an working memory and their interactions in individuals who may be vulnerable to develop depression or bipolar disorder. This work is in collaboration with my clinical colleagues Drs Thomas Meyer and Dr Mark Papworth.

Perception and fine art. Together with Dr Quoc Vuong, we are interested in the perceptual cues that observers may use to judge the aesthetics of an image and how these cues impact on their memory and cognition? Our projects are lab-based and investigate the relationship between our appreciation of art and our perceptual and higher-order cognitive mechanisms.


Undergraduate Teaching

Module leader for first-year course PSY1004 'Cognitive Psychology'

Module leader for first-year course PSY1010 'Research Methods and Skills'

Module leader for third-year course PSY3008 'Art, Mind & Brain'

Postgraduate Teaching

Contributor for MRes NEU8003 'Sensory Systems and Neuroimaging'