School of Psychology



The School of Psychology provides high-quality facilities to all our students, researchers and staff.

We are in the Ridley Building of Newcastle University's campus. 

Undergraduates enjoy spacious lecture and seminar rooms. They also have excellent practical facilities for carrying out experiments.

All members of Psychology can draw on a wide range of University resources. 


The University has exceptional computing facilities on campus managed by Information Systems and Services

You can also access your desktop remotely (from home, for example) using the Remote Access System (RAS). 

This means that you can see the same files and programmes just as you would sitting at a university machine.


We also have excellent library facilities. You should familiarise yourself with the Robinson library. It keeps many psychology books and journals.

More and more psychology journal articles are available online through the electronic journals system.

You should get used to using this as soon as possible. It is the quickest way of accessing articles to read.

The library also provides electronic databases to search for articles on a particular topic. We recommend the Web of Knowledge database.

The Robinson Library provides a wealth of texts for psychology students.
The Robinson Library is an exceptional facility for students to access psychology books and journals.