Centre for Research on Entrepreneurship, Wealth and Philanthropy



REWP’s mission is to help through its research and research-related activities to increase the scale, effectiveness and satisfactions of philanthropic giving in the UK and internationally.

The Newcastle Centre for Research on Entrepreneurship, Wealth and Philanthropy (REWP) is a University research centre operating under the umbrella of Newcastle University Business School (NUBS).

REWP takes an explicitly interdisciplinary approach to research on entrepreneurship, the building and management of large fortunes, and the deployment of such fortunes philanthropically to achieve world making social goals. The Centre initiates, develops and promotes flagship projects, which, in addition to delivering excellent research of broad theoretical and empirical interest, yield significant practical outcomes.

REWP welcomes the participation in research projects of like-minded scholars elsewhere in the UK and internationally who recognise the potential of philanthropy to make a positive difference to society in an age of acute inequality. Active engagement in policy and practice networks is fundamental to the shared ethos of REWP researchers.