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Enrichment Week: A time to pause, reflect and explore

Enrichment Week: A time to pause, reflect and explore

Join us from 1-5 March as we continue our journey of discovery.

Pause once more, and explore our new enrichment content as part of your learning beyond your programme. There is some exciting stuff to access during Enrichment Week, designed for you. Take time for yourself and be part of it.

Be inspired by our lifelong learning opportunities...

While the pandemic has been challenging for us all, one benefit has been to improve the ways we work digitally, for research, for learning and in employment.

Developing these skills will help you at University and beyond. Through presentations, discussions and activities, we hope to pique your curiosity.


Welcome from Professor René Koglbauer -
Dean of Lifelong Learning and Professional Practice.

Be ready to explore...

Find out what else is going on...

We have also hooked you into other events, courses and materials taking place during Enrichment Week, so do take a look.