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Information for all students

You must have registered to view student timetables, please allow up to 24 hours for timetables to show. Check your timetable regularly as it can be subject to change.

Information For New Students

How to access your personal teaching timetable.

You must have completed registration to be able to view your timetable, please allow up to 24 hours before checking online and on the App.

Your timetable will show you the date, time and location of classes taking place on campus, or indicate if the session will be online and live using Zoom or Teams. Your school will provide information on how to engage with online learning.

You can access teaching timetables in the following ways, please check your timetable daily for the the first few weeks as it can be subject to change.

1. The University app - personal timetable

The easiest and quickest way to access your own personal up-to-date timetable is using the app It is important that you attend only those sessions shown on your timetable.

2. Web timetables - personal and searchable module and programme timetables

Your school or subject area will inform you of which seminar, practical or group classes you should attend if your individual student timetable remains incomplete.

Seminars and group classes: You may not be allocated to a seminar or practical group class until the end of the first week of each semester. If you do sign up to attend a specific session in school, this may not be reflected on your individual timetable until the second week of teaching. You should follow instructions issued by your school or subject area or lecturer until that time.

3. Subscribe to timetables - download to your device

You can subscribe to your personal timetable on a range of calendaring apps for Android and iOS using iCal subscriptions. Follow the relevant link below to add your timetable to your devices calendar.

Each individual service determines when the calendar is updated on your device. It is recommend that you use the Newcastle University app for viewing your timetable as it will be correct if there are last minute changes.

Student timetable information for New Students