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Teaching timetables do sometimes change so you should check regularly for updates, please advise your school of any probelms with your personal timetable.

Information for new students - welcome

After registering on your programme, you will be able to access a personalised academic timetable via the University app, which also has lots of useful information on moving around campus, managing your Library and print accounts and finding places for private study.

If your degree programme has an optional component, your personal or stage tutors will advise you on the best module options to suit your particular academic interests.

Contact hours and the amount of self-directed study can differ between subjects, but you should expect to attend classes on most days and between the hours of 9am and 6.30pm Monday to Thursday and 5.30pm Friday. Wednesday afternoons 1.30pm onwards are kept free for sports, volunteering and participatory activities

Teaching timetables do sometimes change so you should check regularly for updates.

1. Information for NEW students (Stages 0 & 1 undergraduate and postgraduate students)

You can view a timetable here for your programme; your personal or individual timetable may not be complete until you have registered for any optional modules open to you during University induction week.

Your school or subject area will inform you of which seminar, practical or group classes you should attend if your individual student timetable remains incomplete

2 . Information for RETURNING students (Stages 2, 3 & 4 undergraduate students)

(Important: until you successfully complete your new academic year registration, module and programme timetables may reflect your previous years teaching)

After completing stage and module registration, your personal or individual timetable will show the seminar or group class you should attend or which you have signed up to attend (if this option is open to you). It is your responsibility to check that your optional modules do not clash in both semesters before registering to take them. If a combination of modules are not compatible, you must discuss alternatives with your school.

Seminars or group class allocations may not be finalised until the end of the first week of each semester, if you do sign up to attend a specific session in school, this may not be reflected on your individual timetable until the second week of teaching and you should follow instructions issued by your school or lecturer until that time.

You can search for any module or programme timetable using this site, sign on and select the search for timetables button (you will need to know the correct module or programme code)

Postgraduate students in the Faculty of Medical Sciences (excluding MSc courses in Psychology and MRes and MSc in Medical Sciences) and MBBS students, should refer to local timetable information provided by schools.

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