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About Us

Translational Research Newcastle helps researchers transform scientific breakthroughs into real-life impact for patients.

Pathway to progress

Whatever stage a research project is at, from basic scientific discovery, to clinical evaluation and ultimately adoption into healthcare practice, we connect researchers to the right support. Our Translational Research Pathway menu helps researchers find the relevant expertise and resources at every stage.

We’ve broken down the translational journey into six stages: three stages of discovery research (D1-D3) and three stages of translational research (T1-T3). The pathway infographic shows the types of research at each stage.

Wellcome Trust Translational Partnership

Translational Research Newcastle is supported by the Newcastle Wellcome Trust Translational Partnership (WTTP).

We want to establish a culture and environment that allows every interested researcher to see their research translate into patient benefit. Thanks to the WTTP, we can better facilitate, equip and support researchers. We support research projects throughout each stage of the pathway, from discovery science to the delivery of real improvements in public health.

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