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Sponsored Students

What you need to do to ensure that your sponsorship or funding is showing on your tuition fees account.

Sponsored or funded students

You are a sponsored or funded student if you are:

  • externally sponsored (where an external organisation is paying tuition fees on your behalf)
  • internally funded (where a University school or service is providing a scholarship or funding towards your tuition fees)

If you are sponsored and are receiving a maintenance stipend (for example Research Council Funding), you should contact the relevant Graduate School for funding enquiries. If your funding has been approved and you have a query about your stipend, you should contact for assistance. 

Externally sponsored students

The University will only define a student as sponsored if the tuition fees are being paid by a funding organisation on their behalf and the funding organisation will pay the tuition fee balance directly to the University. Students whose tuition fees are being paid by their parents or guardians are classed as self-funded.

Letter of sponsorship

The tuition fees team require a letter of sponsorship from a funding organisation. This is proof of sponsorship before any funding is applied to a student’s record. This letter must be in English, on official letter headed paper and include the following:

  • student name
  • student date of birth
  • student number or if unknown the application number
  • the course they are studying
  • duration of sponsorship that the letter covers
  • percentage value or monetary value of the sponsorship (in GBP) being paid towards tuition feesa copy of a Purchase Order document (if the PO is necessary to pay the invoice), otherwise a sponsor letter
  • a copy of a Purchase Order document (if the PO is necessary to pay the invoice) otherwise a sponsor letter
  • email address to which the invoice should be emailed
  • address of your company.  Please state if you wish for the invoice to be posted here rather than emailed
  • confirmation that fees will be paid directly to the University

Please ensure the PO document or sponsor letter contains all up-to-date sponsor's contact details (phone number, email address, contact name, address).

Email a copy of the document to, quoting the student number in the email. You will be classed as a self-funded student by the tuition fees team until we receive your PO or sponsor letter. 

Sponsor letters from previous academic years will not be accepted unless they cover the full duration of the course. The University reserves the right not to accept sponsorship letters that do not fulfil the above criteria.

NHS sponsorship

The University has received notification from some NHS Trusts that invoices must quote a purchase order number. In such a case we need a copy of the purchase order document. If you are submitting a sponsor letter from the NHS it must state within the document that a purchase order number is not required by their NHS trust.

Payment of sponsorship

Upon submission of a valid sponsor letter, sponsorship will be applied to the student record. The tuition fees team will then invoice the sponsor for payment following student registration. Our payment terms require payment of the invoice within 30 days. It is important that you make your sponsor aware of this prior to supplying your sponsor letter to the University.

Should a sponsor or embassy default on the payment of tuition fees then the responsibility for payment of the fees will revert to the student. 

University funded students

You're classed as an internally funded student if you are receiving funding from a University scholarship. If your funding doesn't cover 100% of your tuition fees, you must pay your tuition fee liability in line with the University's instalment dates.

The department that administers the funding must provide the relevant paperwork to the tuition fees team. This is for a scholarship or discount to display on a tuition fee account.

If you're concerned that the tuition fees team has not been notified of your funding, you must contact the department that issues the funding. The department should be able to confirm that the relevant paperwork has been sent to tuition fees for the scholarship or discount.