Tuition Fees

UK Payments

Payment from a UK Bank Account

You can pay your tuition fees online with a debit or credit card, using our Student Self Service Portal (S3P) or Online Payment Portal, or by bank transfer, direct debit or cheque.

When making a payment quote your student number in the payment reference. This will ensure your payment can be allocated upon arrival.

To find your student number:

  • current or previously registered students - number is on your smartcard
  • prospective postgraduate students - number is the first 9 digits of your applicant number

Newcastle University takes payment security very seriously. We work with our bank and our payment service providers to provide you with safe secure platforms for you to pay your fees. 

Cash Payments

We want to protect you by making sure you don't take unnecessary risks with your money. To ensure your safety in paying your tuition fees, we no longer accept cash payments.

Ways to pay: