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The challenge of regulatory change – a seminar with Professor Wyn Grant

Does regulation always meet current needs and if it doesn’t how easy is it for researchers to push for changes? Professor Wyn Grant, Professor of Politics at the University of Warwick will be giving a seminar at 1 pm on Wednesday 3 June in Room 305, Agriculture Building at Newcastle University, where he discusses work carried out as part of the Rural Economy and Land Use programme. Chemical plant protection products are becoming less widely available for both regulatory and commercial reasons.  Biopesticides offer a possible alternative, although they have been most extensively used on glasshouse crops.  Getting new products to market has been inhibited by a regulatory system designed for synthetics.  In a project “The Role of Regulation in Developing Alternatives to Pesticides” researchers worked with the then Pesticides Safety Directorate to promote regulatory change.  They also engaged with the European debate, which has led to regulatory change at that level as well.   Lessons can be learned from the successes and failures of these attempts at making an impact on public policy.

published on: 26th May 2015

Land Keepers: Rural Development Group seminar 29 April

Land Keepers: Cumbria’s hill farmers in the 21st century


Millions of people visit the Lake District every year, yet few know what really goes on in the lives of the people who are most closely connected to the land.


What wisdom do they have about the land? What really matters to them? What challenges do they face in the 21st century? Rob and Harriet Fraser spent two years researching the culture of the hill farmers of Cumbria. Along the way they also talked to landowners, environmental organisations, vets and politicians.  


In a seminar at 12 noon on Wednesday 29 April in room 3.02, Agriculture Building, they will share some of their findings about this unique upland landscape and the people who inhabit it. 

published on: 13th April 2015

Storyteller blogs on Landscape, Wilderness and the Wild

Malcolm Green uses storytelling to deepen connection with nature, reveal what might not ordinarily be perceived in the land, and explore the wild inside. He uses these approaches in his work with academics. In a blog for CRE he shares his experience of the three day Landscape, Wilderness and the Wild conference organised by Newcastle University. 

published on: 9th April 2015

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