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Latest News

Ensuring the survival of rural communities in Japan

In Japan, as in the UK, rural areas face the challenge of an aging population as young people move away to the cities.  A recent visitor to CRE, Tokumi Odagiri Professor in the School of Agriculture, Meiji University, explores the issue in an interview.  He says: “We are faced with two choices: Should we build a society centred on the global metropolis of Tokyo, proceeding with the dismantling of rural communities while advocating a path toward growth, or should we build a society in which urban and rural communities coexist, with each region having its own unique character, while promoting a return to rural living? Today we need a national conversation on the kind of society we will build in the coming half-century, based on what we have learned in the preceding half-century.”

published on: 30th June 2015

New Zealand academic revisits her academic roots

CRE is currently hosting a visit by Caroline Saunders, Professor of Trade and Environmental Economics and Director of the Agribusiness and Economics Research Unit at Lincoln University, who is in Newcastle on an EU funded KEENZ exchange (Knowledge and Expertise Exchange Europe – New Zealand) visit.  This is a trip back to her academic roots for Caroline, who completed her PhD at Newcastle in 1980, before becoming of Agriculture Department’s first lecturer in Countryside Management.  She moved to New Zealand in 1996 and her current research includes evaluating trade and the environment including assessment of international markets policies and their impact on development. This includes developing and using the Lincoln Trade and Environment Model. During her month-long visit she will be fitting in trips to Harper Adams and Wageningen universities to meet colleagues there, as well as working with academics at Newcastle.

published on: 19th June 2015

Reflections from an exhibition

PhD student Katie Aitken-McDermott blogs about her recent visit along with other staff from CRE to see artist in residence Piotr Piasta’s exhibition in Berwick.

published on: 19th June 2015

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