A To Z

David Bradley
Principal Research Associate

Professor Roger Burrows
Professor of Cities

Professor Anthony Champion
Senior Research Investigator

Professor Mike Coombes
Prof. of Geographic Information

Dr Stuart Dawley
Senior Lecturer in Economic Geography

Lisa Gilder
Research Centres Manager

Professor Andrew Gillespie
Professor in Commun.Geography

Emeritus Professor John Goddard OBE
Professor of Regional Development Studies

Louise Kempton
Senior Research Associate

Professor Danny MacKinnon
Professor of Regional Development and Governance

Professor Neill Marshall
Professor of Economic Geography

Dr Peter O'Brien
Research Associate

Professor Andy Pike
Professor of Local and Regional Development; Director of CURDS

Professor Jane Pollard
Professor of Economic Geography

Ranald Richardson
Principal Research Associate

Liz Robson
Research Assistant

Susan Robson
Research Support Officer

Dr Paul Vallance
Research Associate

Dr Xuefeng Wang
Research Associate