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Dr Adam Brandt

Lecturer in Applied Linguistics



I was appointed Lecturer in Applied Linguistics at Newcastle University in June 2013, having spent the previous two years as a postdoctoral research fellow in the Division of International Affairs at Kansai University (Osaka, Japan). 

Prior to that, I was a student in the School of ECLS, where I obtained my PhD, as well as an MA in Cross-Cultural Communication & Applied Linguistics and an MA in Applied Linguistics Research.

Roles and Responsibilities

I am on a research sabbatical until January 2018. Upon my return, I will resume the following roles:

  • Co-Director for Internationalisation for the School of ECLS
  • Chair of the Board of Studies for Applied Linguistics & Communication
  • Degree Programme Director for MA in Cross-Cultural Communication
  • Degree Programme Director for MA in Cross-Cultural Communication and Applied Linguistics

I have also held the following roles recently:

  • DPD for the MA in CCC & Media, the MA in CCC & International Marketing and the MA in CCC & International Relations
  • Deputy Director for Excellence in Learning and Teaching in the School of ECLS
  • Applied Linguistics & Communication Research Group co-ordinator
  • Chair of the Staff-Student Committee for the MA Cross-Cultural Communication
  • Chair of the Curriculum Review Committee for the MA Cross-Cultural Communication
  • Member of the Centre for Research in Linguistics and Language Sciences (CRiLLS) Executive Committee
  • Academic liaison for CRiLLS Student Conference
  • Social media co-ordinator for the Applied Linguistics & Communication section

Invited talks and workshops

Brandt A and O Sert (2017) Workshop on conducting comparative research on L2 interactions. Interactional Competences and Practices in a Second Language, University of Neuchâtel, Switzerland, 18-20 January 2017.

Young, T, A Shartner and A Brandt (2016) The intercultural communication needs of global engineering graduates. Tokyo University Graduate School of Engineering Special Seminar, Tokyo University, Japan, 15 March 2016.

Brandt A and H Ergul (2015) Methodology workshop on membership categorisation analysis. Social Interaction and Applied Linguistics Postgraduate Conference 2015, Hacettepe University, Turkey, 7-8 September 2015.

Brandt, A. (2014) One way second language speakers ensure understanding when chatting online. Seminar on Foreign Language Education: 'Beyond the Classroom: From Second Language Learning to Second Language Use', Kobe University, Japan, 4 August 2014.

Brandt, A. (2013) ‘Seeing learning’ in interaction: an overview of CA approaches to longitudinal SLA research. JALT Pragmatics SIG: CA and Language Learning, Temple University Japan, 7 September 2013.

Brandt, A. (2012) Living and studying abroad: international students in Japan. Special Public Lecture Series, Okayama University, 14 November 2012.

Brandt, A. (2012) The interactional character of an international university: students’ orientations to lingua-cultural knowledge claims in an undergraduate classroom. Applied Linguistics Research Seminar Series, Newcastle University, UK, 15 March 2012.

Reviewing roles

    I have acted as reviewer for submissions to the following international journals:

    • Research on Language and Social Interaction
    • Applied Linguistics
    • Modern Language Journal
    • Journal of Pragmatics
    • Language and Intercultural Communication
    • Classroom Discourse
    • Applied Linguistics Review
    • Journal of Applied Linguistics and Professional Practice
    • Pragmatics and Language Learning
    • Novitas-ROYAL
    I also reviewed contributions to edited collections, as well as presentation proposals for the following international conferences:
    • The Japanese Society for Language Sciences Annual Conference 2012
    • The Japanese Society for Language Sciences Annual Conference 2010
    • British Association of Applied Linguistics Conference 2009


    • PhD in Applied Linguistics
    • MA in Applied Linguistics Research (pass with distinction)
    • MA in Cross-Cultural Communication and Applied Linguistics (pass with distinction) 
    • BSc in Psychology (upper second class honours) from University of Sunderland



    Research Interests

    In my research, I am interested in the naturalistic observation of human social interaction, using video recordings of real-life communicative events as data. I adopt an interaction analysis methodological framework, which is informed ethnomethodological theory, and the related research methods of conversation analysis (CA) and membership categorisation analysis (MCA). I am particularly interested in applying these interaction analytic methods to the study of:

    • international and multilingual workplace settings,
    • intercultural communication,
    • second language use outside of classrooms,
    • communication technologies,
    • higher education settings.

    My PhD research, funded by the ESRC and conducted at Newcastle University, was concerned with second language speaker’s management of mutual understanding in online, voice-based chat rooms. From the same interactional setting, I have also published papers (with Dr Chris Jenks) in Language and Intercultural Communication, Discourse Processes and Language@Internet. Following my PhD, I spent two years conducting a JSPS-funded postdoctoral research project on interactions involving international students in various settings in a Japanese university. 

    I am the co-convenor of Multimodal Analysis Research Group (MARG), a Faculty Research Group for staff and students interested in the analysis of human social interaction. Further information about MARG can be found here.

    Postgraduate Supervision 

    At present, I am supervising seven research students; two as first supervisor (Hanain Brohi, Yoonjoo Cho) and five as second supervisor (Gadah Almuarik, Nimet Copur, Khadija El-Wakai, Kazuki Hata, Somporn Maneechote).

    I have also supervised seven successful PhD projects to date:

    Dr Ufuk Girgin (as first supervisor, with Prof Steve Walsh) "Reconsidering the uses of a minimal ‘non-lexical’ response token through ‘embodiment’: A second language teacher’s deployment of ‘mm hm’ as a third-turn receipt", December 2017.

    Dr Yun Pan (as first supervisor, with Dr Chris Leyland), "Framing University Small Group Talk: Knowledge Construction Through Lexical Concepts", November 2017.

    Dr Qi Chen (as first supervisor, with Prof Steve Walsh), "Shifting Embodied Participation in Multiparty University Student Meetings" , July 2017.

    Dr Aki Siegel (as second supervisor, with Prof Paul Seedhouse), "Longitudinal Development of Word Search Sequences in English as a Lingua Franca Interaction", February 2016.

    Dr Haia Al-Zaidi (as first supervisor, with Prof Paul Seedhouse), "The Practices of Multiple Other-Initiated Repair in Online Second Language Interaction", November 2016.

    Dr Sumita Supakorn (as second supervisor, with Prof Paul Seedhouse), "Topic Development in Thai EFL Classes: A Conversation Analytic Perspective", December 2016.

    Dr Tugba Aslan (as first supervisor, with Prof Steve Walsh), "A Micro-Analytic Study of Gossip in Elderly Talk", February 2017.

    As of September 2017, I have supervised 114 successful MA dissertation projects (known as 'Research Portfolio' on the MAs in Cross-Cultural Communication), and one successful BA dissertation.

    Current Research Funding

    British Academy Small Research Grant (Co-I with Dr Spencer Hazel and Prof Andrew Newman): £7,500 (Sept 2017 - Feb 2019)

    • "Interaction, Dementia, and Engagement in the Arts (IDEA)"

    Newcastle University Faculty Research Group funding (co-convenor with Dr Neil Jenkings, Dr Chris Leyland, Prof Paul Seedhouse, Prof Andrea Whittle): £2,500 (Sept 2017 - Aug 2018)

    • "Multimodal Analysis Research Group (MARG)"

    CRiLLS Strategic Development Fund 2017 (PI with Dr Spencer Hazel, Dr Chris Leyland): £2,000 (March 2017 - Dec 2017)

    • "Robotics and Social Interaction Expertise: Challenges and Opportunities"

    CRiLLS Strategic Development Fund 2017 (PI with Dr Spencer Hazel, Dr Chris Leyland): £675 (June 2017 - Dec 2017)

    • "Partnership development with Center for Language and Cognition, University of Groningen"

    Previous Research Funding

    Newcastle University Horizon 2020 Support Fund (PI with Dr Spencer Hazel, Dr Chris Leyland): £750 (June 2017 - Aug 2017)

    • "Partnership development with Center for Language and Cognition, University of Groningen"

    PVC Discretionary Fund 2017 (PI with Dr Spencer Hazel, Dr Chris Leyland): £900 (June 2017 - Aug 2017)

    • "Partnership development with Center for Language and Cognition, University of Groningen"

    Newcastle University Subject Reputation Enhancement Fund: £8,320 (Sept 2015 - Sept 2016)

    • "The online practices of academic communities: successful self-representation of applied linguistics"

    JSPS London Symposium Schieme (with Dr Chris Leyland): £7,000.00 (approx.)

    • "UK-Japan Symposium on Intercultural Communication and International Universities"

    Newcastle University International Research Collaboration Award: £6,275.50

    • "Cross-Cultural Communication and Engineering Education: A collaboration between Newcastle and Tokyo Universities"

    Newcastle University Faculty Research Fund for Early Career Researchers: £1,150 (Jan - Sept 2014)

    • "Language choice outside of the classroom in an international, multilingual university"

    Newcastle University School Research Strategy Fund: £1,000 (Feb - Sept 2014)

    • "Discourses of nationality, citizenship and migration on British television political talk shows"

    JSPS Grant-in-aid for Scientific Research (Tokubetsu Kenkyuin Shorei-hi): ¥700,000

    JSPS Postdoctoral Fellowship, Kansai University, July 2011 - June 2013

    ESRC 1+3 PhD Studentship, Newcastle University,  Sept 2006 - Sept 2010


    Postgraduate Teaching

    Module leader

    ALC8012 Introduction to Interaction Analysis (from semester 1, 2018-19)

    Contribute to

    ALC8003 Methods in Cross-Cultural Communication Research

    ALC8020 Research Methods in Applied Linguistics

    Previous teaching

    Discourse Analysis; The Social Psychology of Communication; Sociolinguistics; Culture, Interculturality and Identity; Language Learning

    Undergraduate Teaching

    Previous teaching

    SPE2042 Linguistics & Phonetics II: Linguistics Analysis & Pragmatics; EDU1004 Internationalising Your University Experience