Professor Diana Whaley
Professor of Early Medieval Studies

Roles and Responsibilities

Mentoring Coordinator

Office Hours (in term-time)

Tuesdays 12-2; Thursdays 2-3


BA (Durham), Bacc.Phil.Isl. (Iceland), DPhil (Oxford)

Research Interests

Old Norse-Icelandic literature, especially skaldic poetry and sagas of poets, historical writings including sagas of kings, and sagas of bishops; onomastics, especially the place-names of Northern England.

Current Work

Skaldic Poetry of the Scandinavian Middle Ages (

Postgraduate Supervision

I welcome applications from potential PhD or MLitt students wishing to work in the following areas:

i) Old Norse-Icelandic skaldic poetry, including editing (with opportunities for suitably qualified graduates to become involved in the project mentioned above), analysis of diction, style, transmission, role in prosimetrum compositions, and social functions;

ii) Old Norse-Icelandic prose literature, especially Kings' Sagas, Sagas of Bishops, Sagas of Icelanders (especially Sagas of Poets) or historical writings;

iii) Place-Names of Northern England.