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Jeffrey Neasham

Senior Lecturer


Roles and Responsibilities

Member of Intelligent Sensing and Communication Research Group. Manager and active researcher on projects in underwater acoustics, wireless sensor networks, biomedical instrumentation and non-destructive testing. Supervisor of Postgraduate Students and Undergraduate/MSc project work and lecturing on 1 undergraduate and 1 postgraduate taught module. I am also actively involved in student recruitment and outreach activities with industry, schools and the community.


Jeff is a member of the Intelligent Sensing and Communications research group and his profile can be viewed on Google Scholar.

Research Interests

Digital signal processing, digital communications, biomedical instrumentation, underwater acoustics, ultrasound, analog and digital circuit design, embedded software. Member of the Intelligent Sensing and Communications research group.

Current Work

Recent projects:

USMART - Smart dust for large scale underwater wireless sensing, EPSRC (
CADDY - Cognitive Autonomous Diver assistance vehicle, EU FP7 (
NEWTON - Novel Sensing Network for Intelligent Monitoring, EPSRC (
Development of low cost medical ultrasound scanners (EPSRC KTA funding, CORDAID),
Development of smart orthotic devices with electronic sensing, KTP
Wireless environmental sensor networks (EPSRC MESSAGE project)
Development of high data rate through metal communication and power delivery systems.
Development of low cost acoustic communication and positioning system for divers and underwater vehicles, Knowledge Transfer Partnership with System Technologies, Cumbria.
Development of Optical Fire Detection System, Industry Funded project with Photon Fire Ltd.
Development of digital control algorithms for MEMS Gyroscopes, Collaborative Project with School of Mechanical Engineering.
Development of position and pressure instrumentation for endoscopy, sponsored by Prof Duncan Bell's Endoscopy Research Fund.
Development of instrumentation for assessment of Parkinson's Disease.
Development of underwater EM communication links, funded by Wireless Fibre Systems Ltd.    


Recent Awards:-

£499,513 - USMART - Smart dust for large scale underwater wireless sensing, EPSRC
£60,000 - Enabling low cost AUV Technology, Innovate UK
£299,504 - Accurate blood pressure measurement, EPSRC.
£315,000 - CADDY - Cognitive autonomous dive buddy, EU FP7
£134,000 - Development of smart orthotic devices with electronic sensing, KTP with Peacocks
£462,657 - NEWTON - Novel Sensing Network for Intelligent Monitoring, EPSRC
£45,000 - EPSRC KTA "Development of low cost ultrasound scanner"
£126,000 - "Acoustic and vibration sensor systems for wind turbine condition monitoring", KTP with CMR
£241,943 - Robust Intelligent Lamp Post Sensor Networks, EPSRC
£90,000 - "Development of ultra-low cost ultrasound scanner" - NStar Proof of Concept fund.
£143,145 - EPSRC Grant “A Stable Parametrically Amplified Gyroscope”
£101,544 - "Development of low-cost acoustic communication and positioning system", Knowledge Transfer Partnership, DTI/System Technologies.
£24,000 - "Development of Optical Fire Detection System", ERDF/Photon Fire Ltd.
£27,400 - "Development of Underwater Electromagnetic Modems", Wireless Fibre Systems Ltd/Scottish Executive.

Postgraduate Supervision

Ben Sherlock - Environmentally friendly underwater acoustic communication
Lindsay Smith - Investigation of acoustic emission methods for subsea umbilical monitoring
Neal Wood – Electronics for hostile environments

PhDs awarded:-

Hengda Ding - Underwater communications using T-transform based OFDM
Geraint Goodfellow - Development of acoustic controlled autonomous underwater vehicle
Ibrahim El-Lehaby - Design and implementation of DSP based magnetic control system for capsule endoscope
Ammar Abdelkareem - Doppler correction for underwater acoustic OFDM systems
David Graham - High data rate through metal communication
Chintan Shah - Iterative receiver structures for underwater acoustic communication
Raghav Menon - Novel Processing for broadband Interferometric Sonar
Gihad Elamary - High Bandwidth Transcutaneous Data Telemetry
Mou Tang - Position Tracking for Surgical Applications Using Passive RFID Technology
Deli Geng - "High Refresh Rate Three Dimensional Positioning System using Frequency Multiplexed Electromagnetic Fields"
Su Yu - "Quantitative Assessment for Parkinson’s Disease and Analysis on Applications Applying 3D Electromagnetic Motion System"

Industrial Relevance

Work on underwater acoustic and positioning has led to a range of innovative products which are now marketed by Tritech International Ltd ( and Blueprint Subsea ( This technology has been licenced to these companies and generates royalty income for the University. This work was the subject of a 4* rated impact case study for REF 2014.
Work on wireless environmental sensor networks has led to a spin-off company named Envirowatch Ltd who sell the technology under licence.


Undergraduate Teaching

EEE1003 - Stage I Circuit Theory

Postgraduate Teaching

EEE8072 - Subsea Communication and control

I also supervise projects on the MSc programme in Communications and Signal Processing.

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