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NuGO Training Programme

'Short Course: Personalised Nutrition: from scientific discovery to interventions'

Date: 5-7th July 2016,
Venue: University of Newcastle – The CORE (
City: Newcastle upon Tyne, UK
Course Organisers: Prof John Mathers, Dr Fiona Malcomson, Mrs Michelle Barr

Course Aims
The aims of this course are:
• To provide a rationale for the development and implementation of personalised nutrition interventions to improve public health;
• To provide examples of the scientific discoveries and advances in technology (evidence base) on which personalised nutrition interventions can be developed;
• To provide opportunities for participants to gain hands on experience of the design of personalised nutrition interventions targeted at specific population groups/ conditions.

Course design
The course will be mainly composed of lectures with ample opportunity for discussions. Participants will work in groups to design personalised nutrition interventions for particular target groups/conditions, after which the results will be presented the next day.

The key-note lecturers are Hannelore Daniel (Technische Universität München) and John Hesketh (Newcastle University)
Other lecturers are:
* John Mathers, Georg Lietz, Hyang-Min Buyn and Dianne Ford (Newcastle University)
* Lorraine Brennan (University College Dublin)
* Carlos Celis-Moralis (University of Glasgow)
* Baukje de Roos (University of Aberdeen)

Study load and language
16 hours of course content that will be eligible for 0.6 ECTS credits. The course will be conducted in English.

Course Flyer


Introduction to Course and overview of intervention strategies to improve public health

Keynote Lecture 1 Professor Hannelore Daniel (Technical University of Munich) "Technologies for personalising nutrition interventions"

Dr Carlos Celis-Morales "“Using genetic-based advice to deliver personalised advice and improve lifestyle: from genes to behavioural changes"

Professor Lorraine Brennan "Using "metabotypes" in Personalised Nutrition"

Dr Hyang-Min Byun "Diet, mitochondrial DNA methylation and the risk of human diseases"

Professor Dianne Ford "Genotype effects on metabolism of soy isoflavones"

Professor John Mathers "Building a personalised nutrition intervention platform: lessons from the Food4Me Study"

Previous conferences

The Nutrition Society Annual Summer Meeting for 2013 was hosted by Newcastle University on 15-18 July.

The meeting theme was “Nutrition and Healthy Ageing” with four symposia focussing on:

• Biology of ageing
• Epidemiology of human ageing
• Nutritional modulation of the ageing trajectory
• Public health interventions to enhance healthy ageing

The meeting attracted over 300 delegates with talks from more than 30 international speakers.

Nutrition Society Postgraduate Conference 2012

The inaugural Nutrition Society Postgraduate Conference was held at Newcastle University on 10th and 11th September 2012. The conference was jointly run by students at Newcastle University and the Nutrition Society Student Body and was exclusively open to student members.