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Professors John C. Mathers, Michael J. Trenell and Douglass M. Turnbull from Newcastle University submit evidence to House of Commons Health Committee Inquiry on the Impact of Physical Activity and Diet on Health

Conferences organised by the HNRC

The Nutrition Society Annual Summer Meeting for 2013 was hosted by Newcastle University on 15-18 July.

The meeting theme was “Nutrition and Healthy Ageing” with four symposia focussing on:

• Biology of ageing
• Epidemiology of human ageing
• Nutritional modulation of the ageing trajectory
• Public health interventions to enhance healthy ageing

We were honoured to host the inaugural Waterlow Lecture established in memory of Prof John Waterlow FRS former President of the Society. The Waterlow Lecture was given by Professor Rudi Westendorp from Leiden University Medical Centre, The Netherlands on the topic “Vitality Sir, it's vitality!”

The meeting attracted over 300 delegates with talks from more than 30 international speakers. The programme also included Plenary Lectures, Original Communications, as well as a Postgraduate Symposium, the Silver Medal Lecture, a student careers session, a Training & Education workshop and a vibrant evening programme.

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Nutrition Society Postgraduate Conference 2012

The inaugural Nutrition Society Postgraduate Conference was held at Newcastle University on 10th and 11th September 2012. The conference was jointly run by students at Newcastle University and the Nutrition Society Student Body and was exclusively open to student members.

The conference gave students the opportunity to network with peers and to present their work by submitting a poster or presenting an oral communication. The programme also included Plenary lectures, oral communications, career sessions and workshops.

The Keynote Lecture was given by Professor Mike Gibney (Professor of Food and Health, University College Dublin) on 'major challenges in food and nutrition'.

Postgraduate photo