SCRAN24 – Secondary school Computerised Recall and Analysis of Nutrition

From August 2009 to March 2010
Project Leader(s): Dr Emma Foster
Staff: Adrian Hawkins, Prof Ashley Adamson
Sponsors: Food Standards Agency

This work builds on the Interactive Portion Size Assessment System (IPSAS) developed and validated as part of the Children Assessing Portion Size Study.
A 24 hr recall front end component has been added to IPSAS for use by children aged 11-16yrs (secondary school). The recall is based on a Multiple Pass 24hr Recall and was developed and tested via focus groups and usability tests with children aged 11-16 years. Initial focus groups used paper-based activities to simulate a range of tasks. Software development focus groups examined the usability and performance of prototypes of the system, assessed comprehension of tasks required and identified further development requirements. Final testing assessed the usability of the system and measured success rates of finding foods and time taken to complete the recall.

Small scale validation was conducted with 39 children and parents. Parents kept a 24 hr weighed food diary for their child.   The child completed a 24 hr recall using SCRAN24 the following day. Food and drink items reported using SCRAN24 were classified as an exact match, an approximate match, an omission or an intrusion. Accuracy and precision of estimates of energy and nutrient intake using SCRAN24 were assessed.

SCRAN24 was very well received by the young people taking part in the study, it was relatively quick to complete and worked well in both the home and the school environment. The level of matches, omissions and intrusions were similar to those reported during a dietitian administered 24hr recall. Energy intakes reported using SCRAN24 were low compared with the weighed food diary. Further development could improve both the usability and accuracy of the system.


Professor Ashley Adamson
Prof of Public Health Nutrition and NIHR Research Professor

Dr Emma Foster