Dr Andrew Pike
Lecturer, Undergraduate Admissions Tutor

  • Email: andrew.pike@ncl.ac.uk
  • Telephone: +44 (0) 191 208 7061
  • Fax: +44 (0) 191 208 6929
  • Personal Website: http://www.andrewpikeresearch.com
  • Address: Chemical Nanoscience Laboratory
    Bedson Building (Rm 2.50)
    School of Chemistry
    University of Newcastle upon Tyne
    Newcastle upon Tyne
    NE1 7RU

Roles and Responsibilities

Undergraduate Admissions Tutor

Chair of Overseas and Postgraduate Committee 


BSc Medicinal Chemistry, Newcastle University (1994)
MSc Molecular Functional Chemistry, Hokkaido University, Japan (1998)
PhD Redox active DNA immobilised on Silicon, Newcastle University (2001)

Previous Positions

Postdoctoral Research Associate, Newcastle University, 2002-2004
Research Team Leader, INEX, Newcastle 2004-2005

Research Interests

Pike Group Research Page

Molecular electronics based on conductive polymers

Modified nulceosides and nucleotides

DNA based systems for electronic interconnects and sensing


Postgraduate Supervision

Current research group members:

PDRA Dr. Majid Al Nakeeb (LAMAND EU FP7 Project, joint supervision with Dr. D. A. Fulton) 

PhD Yr3 Shahrbanou Moradpourhafshejani
PhD Yr3 Samira Hribesh
PhD Yr3 Mufida Abdualla


£1,440 Wellcome Trust, 2011
£1,440 Nuffield Foundation, 2011
€638,005 European Union FP7, (CI with other members of Chem Nano Lab), 2010
£1,440 Nuffield Foundation, 2010
£1,440 Newcastle University, 2009
£5,000 Newcastle University, 2005
£3,000 Daiwa Anglo Foundation, 2002

Undergraduate Teaching

Stage 1 CHY1301 Inorganic Chemistry; Molecular and Atomic Orbtial Theory

Stage 2 CHY2003 Topics in Chemistry; Supramolecular Chemistry

Stage 3 CHY3401 Problem Solving A
Stage 3 CHY3402 Problem Solving B