Dr Daniel Frankel
Senior Lecturer


I lecture thermodynamics (to undergraduate chemical engineers). My research focuses on the biophysics of disease.

1) Understanding the behaviour of cancer cells in terms of tumour growth, metastasis and disease progression.

2) Targeting cancer using liposomes.

3) Creating an artificial cell.

4) Understanding antibiotic resistance.

5) Viral infection - in particular HIV and Influenza

Roles and Responsibilities

School seminar organiser

Progression panel member


BSc (First Class) Queen Mary, University of London
PhD University of St-Andrews, Scotland

Previous Positions

Postdoc University of Cambridge

Postdoc Sandia National Labs, USA


Biophysical Society

British Biophysical Society

Royal Society of Chemistry

Institute of Physics

Informal Interests

Classic literature

American History



Research Interests 

Soft matter physics

Polymer physics

Protein mechanics

Cell membrane structure and function

Viral infection

Origins of Life

Postgraduate Supervision


PhD Student - Hani Salam

PhD Student - Bilal Mushafar

PhD Student - Peter Cassidy


PhD Student - Natalie Adams

PhD Student - Orr Yarkoni

PhD Student - Darman Nordin

MPhil  Student - Ana Penaherrera 

Postdoc - Lynn Donlon 


EPSRC/NSF Grant - "Cyberplasm" £301,000

EPSRC Grant "Surface Nanostructures For The Study of Biomolecular Recognition,Chirality And Crystal Growth" Principal Investigator, value £298,000

Undergraduate Teaching


Thermodynamics Stage 1

Thermodynamics stage 2

Design Project

Research Project


Fluid Mechanics Stage 1

Crystallization Stage 3

Biomaterials Stage 3/4