Dr Daniel Frankel
Senior Lecturer


My research focuses on mimicking the strategies that animals have evolved to:

1. Resist disease

2. Fight infection

3. Live in extreme environments

In terms of resisting disease I have a particular interest in cancer and I'm fortunate enough to be working with surgeon Kenneth Rankin (Newcastle University) and Naked Mole Rat expert Ewan St John Smith (Cambridge University) with the aim of exploiting the naked mole rat's cancer resistance strategies for treatment of human malignancies.

My publications/citations information can be found at: 

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BEng (First Class) Queen Mary, University of London  [Subject - Bioengineering]

PhD University of St-Andrews, Scotland 

Previous Positions

Postdoc University of Cambridge

Postdoc Sandia National Labs, USA


British Biophysical Society

Royal Society of Chemistry

Institute of Physics

Informal Interests

Electronics - Arduino, Raspberry Pi, Robotics

Science Fiction


Research Interests 

Mimicking animal strategies to:

1) Resist disease 

2) Fight infection

3) Perform in extreme environments


EPSRC/NSF Grant - "Cyberplasm" £301,000

EPSRC Grant "Surface Nanostructures For The Study of Biomolecular Recognition,Chirality And Crystal Growth" Principal Investigator, value £298,000

Undergraduate Teaching


Thermodynamics Stage 1

Thermodynamics stage 2

Design Project

Research Project


Fluid Mechanics Stage 1

Crystallization Stage 3

Biomaterials Stage 3/4