Law and the Modern State Seminar Series

Newcastle Law School will be hosting s seminar series titled ‘Law and the Modern State’. The series will take place throughout April, May and June and will include contributions from Professor Jiri Pribban (Cardiff), Professor Helen Fenwick (Durham), Professor Jo Shaw (Edinburgh) and Professor Andrew Halpin (Swansea), Dr Thom Brooks (Newcastle) and Mr Richard Mullender (Newcastle).

Programme is as follows:

April 28th Professor Jiri Pribban (Cardiff): ‘Multiple Sovereignty: On Europe’s Self-Constitutionalization and Legal Self-Reliance’ 

May 12th Professor Helen Fenwick (Durham): ‘Attenuation or Reassertion: Assessing the Interplay between ECHR Rights and Counter-Terror Measures in the UK Post-9/11’ 

May 19th Professor Jo Shaw (Edinburgh) and Professor Andrew Halpin (Swansea): ‘Law Beyond the Nation State: A Symposium’.  Programme (PDF).

June 2nd Dr Thom Brooks (Newcastle (Politics)): ‘Hegel and the Modern State’ 

June 9th Richard Mullender (Newcastle): ‘Michael Oakeshott and the Modern European State’. 

For full programme click here (PDF) and for further information contact Mr Richard Mullender

published on: 20th April 2010