Research Quality

Consistently Excellent Research Quality

Why does research quality matter for our students?

As a member of the Russell Group, a prestigious organisation representing the UK 's leading research intensive universities, our academic staff are frequently at the forefront of research, which in turn is used to inform teaching. We have embraced the research mission consistenly to place research at the heart of what we do, alongside teaching. This enables us to offer to our students leading edge research informed teaching and learning. This, in turn, contributes to our success in teaching and learning as evidenced by our Consistently Excellent Teaching Quality and our National Student Survey results.

Research Assessment Exercise (RAE) 2008 Results

In RAE 2008, 85% of our outputs were rated in an independent peer review exercise by the Government Funding Councils, as of international standards of quality with 40% being international excellent. The remaining 15% was of national standards of quality.

This result shows a significant improvement in the proportion of our work judged to be of international standard since RAE 2001 when up to 50% was of this standard. Although the results are not directly comparable because of changes in methodology, in the previous RAE in 2001, Newcastle Law School's research was given a grade 5, the second-highest grade on a seven point scale. A grade 5 was defined as: 'Quality that equates to attainable levels of international excellence in up to half of the research activity submitted and to attainable levels of national excellence in virtually all of the remainder.'

Our Strategy for RAE 2013 is to improve further by increasing the proportion shown to be of international excellence and fostering the achievement of world class outputs.