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Newcastle Forum for Human Rights & Social Justice

Newcastle Forum for Human Rights and Social Justice


The Newcastle Forum for Human Rights and Social Justice (NHRSJ) aims to foster debate within and beyond Newcastle University about the concepts of human rights and its place within broader conceptions of social justice.

As members of HaSS Faculty Research Groups, we seek to cultivate a stimulating and innovative research environment by forging inter-disciplinary and inter-institutional links.

The NHRSJ examines human rights as a foundation of wider inter-disciplinary research into social justice.

We engage with contemporary discussions on the nature of human rights, the challenges faced by the human rights movement and the concept’s history and development. As such, our work has relevance across the humanities and social sciences. We aim to produce outputs that raise awareness of relevant issues, alter attitudes of public officials, shape debate, and issue in legal change.

The work of the NHRSJ advances understanding of human rights and social justice, both within and beyond the United Kingdom. In our work, we collaborate with practitioners, non-governmental organisations, international organisations and government agencies, contributing to training and knowledge exchange within this important field.

The NHRSJ is a member of the Association of Human Rights Institutes (AHRI).

Achieving our Aims

These aims will be achieved in various ways:

  • Through the organisation of events such as seminars and lectures with prominent speakers on specific issues, which reflect the teaching and research interests of each member of the Group, the Group hopes to facilitate dissemination of knowledge of the latest developments on human rights and related issues.
  • Through the production of high quality teaching and research, reflecting the interests of its members, the Group hopes to support critical thinking, academic initiative and freedom of thought.
  • Through the formulation of common teaching and research ideas, intended to be materialised with the support of external funding, the Group hopes to organise events which will assist in achieving its aims.


Associate Members:

S1 Series 17/18

Dates have been confirmed for semester 1 seminars:

All seminars will take place in Seminar Room 5, Newcastle Law School.

S1 Series 16/17

Dates have been confirmed for this Semester's seminars:

  • 30th November – Conference Room, 1pm - Dr Aidan Hehir (School of Politics and International Relations, University of Westminster): “Progress” or “the unravelling of the international order”?: Protecting Human Rights in the 21st Century’
  • 12th December – Law Lecture Theatre, 6pm - Tarek Osman (writer and broadcaster): ‘The Challenge of Islamism in the Modern World’

S2 Series 16/17

  • 15th February 2016 - Seminar Room 5, Newcastle Law School, 1pm (TBC)
  • 1st March 2017 - Seminar Room 5, Newcastle Law School, 1pm - Professor Simin Davoudi (School of Architecture, Planning and Landscape, Newcastle University): ‘Resilience and Governmentality of Unknowns’ 
  • 20th March 2017 - Lecture Theatre, Newcastle Law School, 6pm - Dr Haytham Alhamwi - A first-hand account of the Syrian conflict.
  • 26th April 2017 - Seminar Room 5, Newcastle Law School, 1pm - Professor Sharon Cowan (Edinburgh Law School, University of Edinburgh): ‘The Heart of the Matter: A Queer Feminist Critique of the Criminalisation of Fraudulent Consent’

S1 Series 15/16

All seminars will take place in SR5 in Newcastle Law School, unless otherwise notified

Thursday 15th October, 2pm

Professor TT Arvind (Newcastle Law School) - “Republican liberty and common law: The 18th century context of Entick v Carrington”

Tuesday 24th November, 1pm - in the Conference Room

Ceri Warnock (Otago University, New Zealand) - “Reconceptualising Specialist Environmental Courts and Tribunals”

Wednesday 9th December, 1pm

Dr Rachel Cahill O’Callaghan (Cardiff University) - "The Influence of Personal Values on Judicial Decision Making"

Wednesday 16th December, 1pm

Associate Professor Janice Richardson (Monash University, Australia) - "Law and the Philosophy of Privacy"

S2 Series 15/16

Wednesday 27th January 2016, 1pm

Dr Matthew Benwell (GPS) and Dr Alejandro Gasel (Universidad Nacional de la Patagonia Austral) - Title TBC

Wednesday 10th February 2016, 1pm 

Dr Mohamed Badar (Northumbria University) - "The Road to Genocide: The Practice of Takfir (Excommunication) by the Self-Declared Islamic State"

Wednesday 2nd March 2016, 1pm

Dr Michael Gordon (Liverpool University) - "Judge and Superjudge: Judicial Rhetoric and the Judicial Role in the UK Constitution"

Wednesday 27th April 2016, 1pm

Dr Elena Katselli (Newcastle Law School) - "Migration and the extra-territorial effect of human rights"

S1 Programme 14/15

For any questions about the seminar series please contact the Director of the Forum Professor Kathryn Hollingsworth (

Wednesday 22nd October 2014

Professor Peter Hopkins (GPS) ‘Reflecting on researching young people’s everyday geopolitics: faith, ethnicity and place’

Chair: Professor Kathryn Hollingsworth

Wednesday 26th November 2014

Dr Emilie Cloatre (Kent Law School) ‘Regulation, disobedience and the socio-legal construction of condoms in Ireland 1935 -1993’

Chair: Aisling McMahon

Wednesday 10th December 2014

Dr Jane Ball (NULS) ‘Ghosts: A short history of the thinning of tenure rights in the European space’

Chair: Professor TT Arvind

S2 Programme, 14/15

Wednesday 11th February 2015

A joint seminar from Professors Liz Todd and Janice McClaughlin as part of our children and young people-focused sub-theme

Professor Janice McClaughlin (Professor of Sociology, PEALS) ‘Creative and embodied practice in research examining disabled young people’s narratives’

Professor Liz Todd (Centre for Learning and Teaching, Newcastle Institute for Social Renewal, SOLE Central): ‘What are the limits to youth participation in academic research? How about a systematic literature review?

Chair: Professor Kathryn Hollingsworth

Wednesday 25th February 2015

Dr Lars Waldorf (Centre for Applied Human Rights, University of York): ‘Legal Empowerment after Violence

Chair: Dr Elena Katselli

Wednesday 4th March 2015

Professor Richard Collier (Newcastle Law School): 'Wellbeing the Legal Profession (or, what do we talk about, when we talk about wellbeing?')

Chair: Professor Kathryn Hollingsworth

Social Justice Seminars

Friday 7th February 2014

Dr Jessie Hohmann, 'Squeezing the Social: Economic and Political Arguments in the Right to Housing'

Chair: Professor Kathryn Hollingsworth

Wednesday 19th February 2014

Dr Gilly Sharpe, 'Re-Imagining Justice for Girls'  

Chair: Professor Kathryn Hollingsworth

Wednesday 12th March 2014

Dr Andy Hayward, 'Achieving Social Justice in Ownership Disputes over the Family Home: The Case for ‘Structured’ Judicial Discretion'

Chair: Dr Alison Dunn

Wednesday 30th April 2014

Professor Richard Mullender, ‘Orwell, 'Our Age', and the Regulatory Imagination’

Chair: Professor TT Arvind