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Law, Innovation, & Society School Research Group

Law, Innovation, & Society School Research Group


The Law, Innovation, and Society (LIS) group is a new research cluster based in Newcastle Law School. The group aims to address challenges broadly relating to:

  • the role of law in regulating innovation, and
  • innovation within law and legal institutions.

There is a tendency amongst legal scholars to approach innovation in fairly narrow terms, treating is being about either commercial-technological phenomena or techno-scientific ones. The concept of innovation, however, is much wider than this. In its most general sense it is about finding novel solutions to important problems or challenges. These problems can be complex and have significant implications for society as a whole, as well as a variety of actors within it. The LIS group thus explicitly looks beyond the boundaries of traditional scholarship in its conception of the interrelationship between the law, innovation, and society. It is an exciting new vehicle for exploring a range of social, cultural, political, and other responses to change across a breadth of legal and other scholarship.

Part of this involves going beyond disciplinary boundaries in our research. This is necessary because scholarship regarding innovation and change is often fragmented, commonly taking place either within rather than across different sub-discipline areas; for example, emerging (bio)technologies, science and medicine, environment, finance and markets, and so on. The LIS research group takes an interdisciplinary approach. We recognise that multi- and interdisciplinary conversations and perspectives can enrich current debates, be crucial in identifying general issues and challenges for the law, and themselves lead to innovative scholarship. As such, group members are drawn from a variety of legal sub-disciplines. Several also have backgrounds in other disciplines, as well as outside academia.

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