Youth justice reform in the 'big society' (2012)

Author(s): Hollingsworth K

    Abstract: This article examines some of the recent changes to youth justice, focusing in particular on the impact of the Government’s social justice and public sector reform programme upon those developments. The analysis is conducted within a children’s rights framework; one which considers how well the reforms protect the criminal-justice rights of the child (as articulated in the United Nations Rights of the Child[i]) and whether they promote Government accountability to this vulnerable group of children. Given the Government’s emphasis on the importance of communities and on the renewal of democratic accountability, the article concludes with a discussion of the relationship between the public sector reforms, children’s citizenship, and the reciprocity necessary in criminal responsibility. [i] Hereafter, UNCRC.

      • Date: 24-09-2012
      • Journal: Journal of Social Welfare and Family Law
      • Volume: 34
      • Issue: 2
      • Pages: 245-259
      • Publisher: Routledge
      • Publication type: Article
      • Bibliographic status: Published

      Keywords: youth justice; big society; children’s rights; citizenship


      Professor Kathryn Hollingsworth
      Professor of Law