Newcastle Law School

Seminars and Lectures

Seminars and Lectures

Newcastle Law School regularly hosts conferences and seminars on a wide range of important legal, political, economic and social issues. Recent speakers have included Stanley Fish (Florida International University), Charles Goodhart (LSE) and David Kennedy (Harvard Law School).

Forthcoming Events

  • "Law and the Philosophy of Privacy" - Janice Richardson (Monash University)

    Date/Time: Wednesday 16th December, 1pm

    Venue: SR5

  • “Republican liberty and common law: The 18th century context of Entick v Carrington” - Professor TT Arvind (Newcastle Law School)

    Date/Time: Thursday 15th October, 2pm

    Venue: SR5

  • “Reconceptualising Specialist Environmental Courts and Tribunals” - Ceri Warnock (Otago University, New Zealand)

    Date/Time: Tuesday 24th November, 1pm

    Venue: Conference Room

  • Equality and Diversity Policy launch

    Date/Time: 22nd October 2015, 6pm

    Venue: Law Lecture Theatre

  • The United Kingdom Environmental Law Association Annual Garner Lecture

    Date/Time: Wednesday 11th November 2015 at 6pm

    Venue: Seminar Room 5

  • Test Research Event

    Date/Time: 20/09/15

    Venue: Herschel Building