About Us

Psychology is a diverse, vibrant and exciting field of enquiry that involves a multitude of methods and topics. Traditionally, the field integrates approaches from the humanities, social sciences and the natural sciences.  At Newcastle, our expertise reflects this diversity of approaches, but we have a particular focus on the scientific and experimental study of mind and behaviour. We have strong professional psychology pathways for example in Clinical Psychology and Forensic Psychology and very distinct biological, evolutionary and neuroscience components in our undergraduate programmes.

The main aim of the School of Psychology is to provide excellent and internationally-leading education in undergraduate and postgraduate psychology. Our School encourages students to draw from and contribute to the evidence-base, and for the applied fields of psychology (such as clinical and forensic psychology) we teach students theory and practice throughout their training. Our educational philosophy is research –led: All of our teaching staff generate new knowledge for the discipline through research and share the passion for their work with their students. In the most recent research assessment exercise in the UK, 87% of our research submitted was judged as world leading or internationally excellent. We were ranked fifth in the UK on the social, economic and cultural impact of this research beyond academia. Many staff teaching on our programmes are therefore leading their fields, and students on these programmes benefit from being taught at the cutting edge of the discipline. We take great pride in the quality of our teaching and are fully engaged in educational development and research.    Graduates of our programmes are equipped with a diverse set of transferable skills and achieve a psychological literacy that paves the way for successful careers and further study both within Psychology and beyond.

We are affiliated with a number of research institutes around the University: we have strong tiePhoto of Head of Schools to the Institute of Neuroscience and the Institute of Health and Society  with many of our teaching staff conducting their research within these institutes. Other psychological research within the School of Education, Communication and Language Sciences includes educational psychology. An exciting interdisciplinary environment for research linking computer science, creative arts and others including psychologists is found in Culture Lab. There are several projects in Human-Communication Interaction there, led by Professor Patrick Olivier. Newcastle University Business School (NUBS) also has a range of multidisciplinary research centres and projects which include psychological perspectives on such areas as consumer behaviour and organisational behaviour. We also collaborate extensively with the International Investigative Interviewing Research Group (iIIRG) which is an international network of professionals committed to improving investigative interviewing of victims, witnesses and suspected offenders worldwide.

Gwyneth Doherty-Sneddon
Head of School