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Population Health Sciences Institute

Population Health Sciences Institute

Improving health, care and well-being for all and reducing health inequalities.

Research in our Institute

We lead high-impact research to:

  • understand, promote and maintain health and wellbeing for all
  • identify, tackle and prevent the causes of ill-health and reduce inequalities
  • design, implement and evaluate novel interventions to optimise health and care

Vibrant academic community

Our Institute provides a vibrant academic community.

Our researchers come from a range of disciplines, specialisms and clinical backgrounds.

We apply a range of theoretical and methodological expertise and knowledge. This improves health and care nationally and internationally.

Wide-ranging collaborations

We engage in collaborative working with community partners and stakeholders from these sectors:

  • health
  • social care
  • education
  • voluntary
  • industry

Supportive environment

We deliver the highest quality research-led teaching and supervision.

We train future clinicians, researchers and educators

We provide a supportive environment for students and early career researchers. This develops their skills, knowledge and expertise.

Our research themes

Institute staff


Professor Catherine Exley


Tel: 0191 208 5487

Deputy Dean

Emma Stevenson 


Institute Operations Manager

Leanne Morrison