Research Degrees in Music (PhD, MPhil, MLitt)

Research degrees at ICMuSIf you have a strongly-defined idea of what you want to study, and you want to be given the freedom to pursue that idea in your studies, then a research degree is the right degree for you. ICMuS offers three research degrees: the MLitt (a modular research programme); the MPhil (a non-modular research programme examined by thesis or portfolio); and the PhD.

If you take a research degree at ICMuS, you will be part of a large community of researchers. In addition to our 22 members of staff (16.5 full-time equivalents) we currently have 30 PhD students, and another 10 research students (MPhil, MLitt). This means that you will be part of a bustling, lively and supportive community of scholars. You will have access to our outstanding resources and facilities, supervision of the highest caliber, outstanding research training and a range of opportunities for career development and enhancement.

Staff at ICMuS have expertise in, and are keen to supervise in, a wide range of music-related areas:


  • medieval music; early modern music
  • nineteenth-century music; twentieth-century music
  • popular music
  • music analysis
  • world musics
  • folk and traditional musics of Great Britain and Ireland
  • folk and traditional musics of Europe
  • Caribbean music
  • music and gender, music and sexuality
  • music and politics, music and ideology
  • music and psychoanalysis
  • music and philosophy

Creative Practice

  • notated composition
  • studio-based composition
  • performance
    • medieval and early modern musics
    • folk and traditional musics
    • contemporary (avant-garde) musics
    • jazz
  • improvisation