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Guide to Funding

This guide details how to find and apply for funding, the types that are available and additional help and support to cover your expenses whilst you study.

Finding funding

You have several options to look at in terms of securing funding for your study including:

Types of funding

The following types of funding provide you with financial support which you do not have to pay back. However, you must meet their eligibility criteria.

All our available funding is advertised on our course pages.

Funding websites

These websites provide a range of advice and information about awards, studentships, and scholarships. They also advertise teaching and research assistantships.

Help and support

You must ensure you have adequate funds to cover your expenses while you study.

We understand that sometimes unforeseen financial difficulties occur.

If your situation could prevent you from continuing to study, discretionary financial support may be available.

Our Student Wellbeing Service has Financial Advisors who can support you with help and advice if you find yourself in financial difficulty while studying at Newcastle.