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Giles Bailey



Working largely with performance I try to rethink conventional approaches to assembling and recounting history. Working with texts, video fragments and choreographies, either composed myself or strategically plundered from elsewhere, these works propose a historiographic model that acknowledges doubt, subjectivity and reduction as inevitable factors when making sense of past events. Sceptical of the idea of an authentic account I look to the fractured, incomplete, multilayered and apparently democratic nature of contemporary mediations of information (via a web browser for example) as a tool to structure them and inform the collage of their composition. 


Solo exhibitions and performances:


A Performative Minute, Kunst Werke, Berlin.

I Bought a Little City, OUTPOST Gallery, Norwich. 


 The only thing I don't like about it is that it seems a little imaginative, Transmission Gallery, Glasgow.

A Performance of Donald Barthelme's 'I Bought a Little City' in Marfa, TX, 

Presidio County Courthouse Marfa, Texas.

Two Works, CAGE, New York. 


The Guests, At the Brittania Hotel for Seven Sites, Manchester.

Talker Catalogue, Van Horbourg, Basel.

Tom/Lutz: Two Scenes in 1983, Leeds University, Leeds.


The Nineteen Sixties, Unit 4, London.

N Dissolves (with Achim Lengerer), Künstlerhaus Büchsenhausen, Innsbruck.

Exit THE AZTEC, (for Achim Lengerer’s Scriptings), Fake or Feint, Berlin.

21st Century, Chisenhale Gallery, London. 


Group exhibitions:


Artists Moving Image Festival, Tramway, Glasgow

Upside Down, Museum Cultuur Strombeek, Gent

Cally Calls, 309 Caledonian Road, London

Things You Think in Order, Tenderpixel, London

Contour - 6th Biennial of Moving Image, Mechelen.

Home Theatre, Baro Galeria, Sao Paulo

Version Control, Arnolfini, Bristol.


One Night Stand, Spike Island Bristol.

Performances at SUNDAY ART FAIR, London.

Title, pubilc project currated by Corinne Isabell Rinaldis, Zurich.


NEU/NOW Festival, Tallinn.

Ongoing and Back, Leeds College of Art and Design, Leeds.

BYTS, Stedelijk Museum, 's-Hertogenbosch.

Text Me Faster, Etablissement d’en Face, Brussels.

Life of an Artist, Live in Your Head, Geneva.

Sync(s) & Shred(s), Stedelijk Museum, Amsterdam.

Serpentine Cinema: CINACT, Serpentine Gallery, London.

As each of us was many people we became quite a crowd! 

Bonheur Theatre, Rotterdam.

Queen Queen Queen, DEK 22, Rotterdam.