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Dr Majid Khosravinik

Senior Lecturer in (Digital) Media & Discourse Studies


I am a senior lecturer in Media and Discourse Studies and Degree Programme Director for our three MA programmes in Media. Before joining Newcastle, I held lectureship and research positions at Northumbria and Lancaster University where I also did my PhD. My research interests lie in theory, methods and application of critical discourse analysis in various media outlets including the intersection of discourse and (national/ethnic/group) identity, immigration, political identities and dynamics of discourse in ‘old’ and ‘new’ media. Broadly speaking I am interested in the interplay of discourse, ideology and power. 

I have been involved in the ESRC funded research project RASIM, researching the representation of migrants in the British press which led to several publications on immigration discourses in Britain. My co-edited volume on Rightwing populism (with R. Wodak and B. Mral) was published in 2013. My other major research on Self and Other representations in discourses of Iran's nuclear programme has just been published by John Benjamins as a monograph entitled 'Discourse, Identity and Legitimacy'. See also  

Within the past few years, I have moved on to research what I call Social Media Critical Discourse Studies (SM-CDS) to examine theoretical and methodological issues and challenges of applying a discourse analytical approach to digital participatory contexts i.e. Social Media including discourses of national identity in the Middle East. See also. This has led to a number of articles and book chapters since 2014. I am now working on a model for Social Media Critical Discourse Studies (SM-CDS). 

I am a co-founder of Newcastle Critical Discourse Group and am on the editorial boards of Journal of Language and Politics and Critical Discourse Studies (Review Editor) while co-editing Journalism & Discourse Studies.   

I have taught on a wide range of subjects both at UG and PG levels in British HE context within the last 10 years. This includes modules on Critical Discourse Analysis, Politics, Power and Communication, Analysing Language in Use, Analysing Media, Research Methodologies, Advertising Production and Texts, Mass Communication, Corporate Communication, TV Studies, etc. In line with my current research and publication interest, I am leading on a new module called Digital Discourses and Identity among other teachings. 

I am interested in supervising PhD projects in critical discourse studies with a socio-political approach in areas such as discourse and social/political identities, discourse and discrimination/racism, media discourses on international conflicts esp. the Middle East, and interplay of media and political institutions.

Specifically, I am interested in supervising Social Media Critical Discourse Studies (SM-CDS) where the new communicative dynamic of interaction and power is at play.  

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Critical Discourse Analysis, Social Media Critical Discourse Studies, Digital Discourse Analysis, Media Representations of Identity, Language and Racism, Discourse and Minority Representations, Participatory Web and Identity Politics, Discourse and Nationalism/national Identity, Critical Communication Studies, Multimodal Discourse Analysis, Political Communication, Politics, Power and Communication, Discourse Affect and Ideology, Language and Ideology, Social Semiotics.

Current research focus: Theory, methods and application of critical discourse studies on digital participatory platforms




Undergraduate: MCH3085: Digital Discourses & Identity; MCH3077: Politics, Power and Communication; MCH3072/3073 UG Dissertation in Media, Communication and Cultural Studies

Postgraduate: MCH8177: Politics, Power and Communication; MCH8058: Methodologies: Researching Media, Culture and Society; MCH8199/8299 PGT Dissertation in Media.

I also supervise PhD students.