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Newcastle Uteroplacental Tissue Bank

Newcastle Uteroplacental Tissue Bank

We study fundamental biological mechanisms regulating the function of the cervix, endometrium, myometrium and maternal and fetal vasculatures.

Our overall research aim is to understand the molecular, cellular and tissue remodelling events that occur in the mother and fetus during pregnancy and the influence these have on achieving a healthy lifecourse.  These adaptations from the earliest stages of in utero development are crucial for the mother to support the growing embryo/fetus and ensure a successful pregnancy outcome. This is important because common complications of pregnancy such as preterm birth - arising from fetal growth restriction, pre-eclampsia or preterm labour - can have very serious immediate and lifelong health issues for the mother and any surviving babies.  We also study how changes in the uterus of non-pregnant women are influenced by the menopause and ageing.    

Presently, the uteroplacental tissue bank facilitates our research activity in the following tissue/organ settings:

         * How blood vessels of the placenta develop and mature.

         * How maternal uterine blood vessels are remodelled in early pregnancy.

         * What mechanisms control the function of the muscle of the uterus throughout pregnancy.

         * What cell types and molecules define uterine and placental tissues. 

         * What key endometrial and blood vessel changes occur between pre- and post-menopausal women

By studying these different aspects, we are trying to gain insight to the ways in which (i) human cells/tissues/organs can respond when challenged to their physiological limits by pregnancy (ii) better understand how these parameters become overwhelmed in diseases and (iii) what impact these may have for lifelong health e.g. later-onset cardiovascular disease.



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Curator: Dr Paul Ayuk



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