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Complaints Procedure

View our complaints procedures for researchers and the general public.

General public

Contact us to explain the situation if you are a participant in a research trial and wish to make a complaint about:

  • how you were requested to take part in the trial
  • how your samples were taken for the trial
  • concerns about how your samples were handled

We will investigate your complaint, and get back to you as soon as possible. We will aim to let you know that we have received your complaint within two working days, and to give you a full response within 30 calendar days, or give you a reason why this has not been possible.

If you have a complaint about your treatment or any other aspect of your care, refer to the patient/participant leaflet that you should have been given for further details of who you need to contact. We can only investigate complaints that fall within our remit under the Human Tissue Authority licence for research.


Researchers and others

Newcastle Biobanks strive to deliver the highest possible service and quality to all of our clients. If however, you feel there is an issue you wish to highlight, contact us to register a formal complaint.

Newcastle Biobank staff will respond to all complaints as quickly as possible.