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Annual Catering Package

Opt for our Annual Catering Package and receive a huge 20% discount - the easiest and most affordable way to eat on campus.

What is it?

Purchasing one of our Annual Catering Packages gives you £50.00 credit to spend per week. This can be spent as you like in any university cafe. A huge 20% discount will be applied to the value of the package upon purchase, which equates to saving you £10.00 every week. 

It's the most affordable way to eat on campus, for students who want peace of mind that they'll always have the means to access nutritious food at university.

Why choose an Annual Catering Package?

  • Exceptional value for money: our Annual Catering Package is the most affordable way to eat on campus.
  • Easy to use: your pink Fob will be loaded with your £50.00 credit each week, ensuring you don't overspend and allowing you to plan your meals in advance.  
  • Covers two meals over five days of the week: this may include your breakfast and lunch when you are on campus for lectures or simply studying in the library. It takes away the hassle of going back to your accommodation or shoping for all your meals.  
  • A wide range of choice: choose from twelve campus cafes which serve a variety of different options and cater for vegetarian, vegan, gluten free and halal diets
  • Frees up time: spend less time cooking during your university journey, with more time to study and have fun.


The Annual Catering Package is available to purchase annually, and covers the full academic year during term time. A huge 20% discount will be applied to the value of the package upon purchase. 

 Value of package Price you pay for package with 20% discount appliedTotal annual savings 
Annual package £1,550.00 £1,240.00 £310.00


Each week, £50.00 credit from your Annual Catering Package will be loaded onto your Fob. So whilst you have £50.00 to spend, with the 20% discount applied it only costs you £40.00 per week.

 Amount credited to Fob Price you pay per week with 20% discount appliedWeekly savings 
Weekly allowance  £50.00 £40.00 £10.00

What could you get for £50.00 each week?


Where can I use it?

You can spend your allowance in any of our twelve University cafes. These are strategically spread across campus, meaning you're never far from one. None of our cafes are the same, each offering a unique menu and atmosphere. 

  • Atrium: exclusively for postgraduate students and staff, serving barista coffee and snacks
  • Bites: made to order deli style sandwiches, jacket potatoes, salad boxes
  • Business School Cafe: barista coffee, light lunches and snacks
  • Catalyst: barista coffee, light lunches and sweet treats
  • Chicken Shack: a selection of burgers and wraps (plant-based versions also available)
  • Courtyard: a range of hot food choices including cooked breakfasts, pizza, fish and chips, Aisian Fusion at the Oishi Counter and light bites
  • The Grand: barista coffee, light lunches and sweet treats
  • Daysh Cafe: barista coffee, sandwiches, paninis and sweet treats
  • Robinson Library Cafe: hot and cold drinks, light lunches and snacks
  • Sports Cafe: Starbucks coffee, sandwiches and high-protein snacks
  • Urban: made to order deli style sandwiches, jacket potatoes and light snacks
  • Walton Library: barista coffee, sandwiches and light snacks 

How do I purchase one?

Purchasing an Annual Catering Package is quick and easy. You'll have the option to purchase one via the Accommodation Portal, after you have confirmed your accommodation. Your Fob will then be ready for you collect along with your accommodation keys when you arrive. Ensuring you have access to tasty food from your first day. 

Not staying in University accommodation? Or decided you'd like to opt into the Annual Catering Package at a later date? Please contact our Catering Hub who will be happy to help you get one set up.


Phone: 0191 208 6363

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