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Research Teas

Research Teas

Research Teas encourage dialogue with other researchers in the university. They enable newer members of staff to informally present ideas and work in early stages, kick around outcomes and methods, and relate research to teaching.

We provide tea, coffee, biscuits and chit chat in room 2.50 King George VI Building from 15.45. The research discussion running from 16.00-17.00.

If you would like to contribute to our Research Tea programme, attend, or want to know more about what we do, please contact the convenor Lucy Tiplady.

Upcoming Research Teas


Wednesday 18th March – Dr Christy Ducker, Newcastle Institute for Creative Arts Practice
Our Livers Our Lives: working with staff and patients at the Freeman hospital, embodying experience of liver disease through poetry and art


Wednesday 13th May - Sally Watson, Architecture, Planning and Landscape PGR

Playing out: The impact of innovative public space design on children’s activities in the Byker Estate, Newcastle upon Tyne

Children’s independent use of public space has decreased in recent decades. My research investigates the environmental factors which can positively influence children’s independent mobility and outdoor play. Taking as case study a pioneering 1970s council estate, the Byker Estate in Newcastle upon Tyne, it examines how it was designed to meet the perceived needs of children and investigates the experiences of different generations of children living there. It explores the extent to which attributes of the estate positively or negatively affect children’s activities in public space.  I’m currently undertaking archival research and am about to start interviewing people who were involved in the design of the estate. Following this, I hope to work with some children on the estate to explore their experiences.

 Past Research Teas