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A Good City Documentary

What is a good city? Is it connected, messy, green, inclusive; is it all of these things, or is it something else? We may not agree on what a good city is, but the question itself is intriguing. The Good City Documentary tries to capture the sheer diversity of answers to this age-old question.

From April to July 2022, we asked the interviewees to reflect on what makes a good city. What are the key components? The documentary stitches these views together with scenes from life in Newcastle. The interviewees are professionals from the North East and all work with the good city question in their daily practice. The documentary itself is a product from the Good City research project, which was undertaken from March to July 2022. We hope the film will open a conversation about what makes good cities, and invite everyone to share their thoughts on our Twitter account.

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Directed, filmed and edited by Tom Draper

Produced by Simin Davoudi

Cover art and background interview Simin Davoudi by Kathryn Roberston


  • Victoria Armstrong
  • Paul Cowie
  • The Chillie Road Band
  • Simin Davoudi
  • Lotte Dijkstra
  • Alistair Ford
  • Lisa Goodwin
  • Sarah Green
  • Gillian Jein
  • David Leat
  • Michelle Percy
  • Hugh Stolliday

Special thanks:

  • Connor Bartram
  • Natural Langdon
  • Ian McDonald
  • Dan Norcott
  • Michael Surtees