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What Makes A Good City? Workshop Reflections

What Makes a Good City? This age-old question has been explored by many, with Plato’s ideal city-state as one of the oldest examples. Numerous criteria and indicators exist to define and measure the ‘good’ city. The disciplinary reflections in this publication are the results of an interdisciplinary workshop organised at Newcastle University on 24 May 2022 and explore ‘what makes a good city’ from multiple angles.

Workshop format
The workshop consisted of four groups of 5-6 colleagues from across Newcastle University. Each group discussed three questions in three rounds of discussion, of thirty minutes each. After each round, the groups reported the main points in a wider group discussion.

The workshop questions:

  • What are the key components of a good city?
  • Who are the winners and losers in this good city?
  • What is your favourite city?

Download the results here: What Makes a Good City: Workshop Reflections. [PDF]

A large sheet of paper with the first answers to the question
Disciplinary reflections on the key components of a good city and the winners and losers in the good city