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On the Day

What to expect on your Ceremony Day.


You should arrive 90 minutes before your ceremony:

1. Register and collect all tickets and your parchment from The Boiler House, King's Road*
2. Collect your gown from B32, Barbara Strang Teaching Centre, Hadrian Building
3. Graduates to be admitted to the Armstrong Building 30 minutes before the ceremony begins. Guests will be admitted to the Armstrong Building, 20 minutes before the ceremony begins. Ensure you have given your guests their tickets before you enter the hall. You will enter and exit through the small arch in the Student Forum.

Your ceremony will last approximately 45 minutes, with the exception of honorary ceremonies which can last up to 75 minutes.

After your ceremony
4. Attend the reception in the Lindisfarne Room, Hadrian Building. This will last for 1 hour, straight after your ceremony.

Anytime during the day
5. Visit the professional photography studios in the Percy Building. You do not need a booking, pop by for your proofs, then you can order online afterwards.

Before you leave

Return your gown to the B32, Barbara Strang Teaching Centre, Hadrian Building

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Ticket and degree collection

90 minutes before your ceremony

Check in and collect all your tickets and degree certificate from The Boiler House, King's Road. Seat numbers are allocated on a first come, first served basis when you arrive at the Ticket Desk. 

We have to give tickets to the candidate only, so please don't send one of your guests to collect them. You will need to bring your Student ID (or other photographic ID) with you.

Your ceremony time Collect your tickets from:
09:30 08:00
11:30 10:00
13:30 12:00
15:30 14:00
17:30 16:00

Gown collection

Gown hire is now closed. You can no longer hire a gown online, but you will be able to hire one on the day of your ceremony, from Barbara Strang Teaching Centre. Please note that it will be cash only. 

Hire is for one day, and charges are as follows: 

  • Non-Degree Qualifications (Diplomas and Certificates) = £43
  • Undergraduate Degrees = £43
  • Postgraduate Masters Degrees = £48
  • Doctorates = £53

Collect your gown from Barbara Strang Teaching Centre. Bring your gown hire confirmation if you have already booked your gown.

Your ceremony time: Collect your gown from: Return your gown by:
09:30 08:00 17:30
11:30, 13:30, 15:30 09:30 onwards 17:30
17:30 09:30 onwards 19:30

No mortar board

Most Academic dress style  (PDF: 653KB) at Newcastle University does not include a mortar board, by tradition. The story goes that when Newcastle became an independent university in 1963, students celebrated freedom by throwing their traditional hats into the River Tyne. Since then, Newcastle University academic dress has not included a mortar board.


Your ceremony will last approximately 45 minutes, with the exception of honorary ceremonies which can last up to 75 minutes.

The academic procession will enter, and the Presiding Officer will deliver a short welcome speech. A marshal will then indicate when you should stand, and you will be guided down edge of the hall to the side of the stage. From there the Hooding Marshal will place the hood* over your head to rest on your shoulders and the Reader will announce your name. You will then walk across the stage to the Presiding Officer and shake hands (if you do not wish to, please hold a copy of the graduation brochure in both hands to signal this). You will then return down the centre aisle to your seat.

The presentation of graduates will end with a speech from the Student Orator. After this the Academic Procession will leave the hall first, and then graduates will be applauded out of the hall and past the Martin Luther King Statue where a group photo will be taken. The guests will follow out behind the graduates shortly after.  

*Please note recipients of certificates and diplomas will wear a stole rather than a hood.

Congregations ceremony - image of the front stage where students collect their certificates.


Professional photography studios will be based in the Percy Building.

The Photography Studios will be open daily from 8am – 5:30pm. On the days where there is a 5:30pm ceremony, the studios will remain open until 7:30pm

There is no pre-booking possible. Drop in for your photography proofs, and then purchase online after your graduation via Tempest Photography.


Please see the Tempest photography website, where you can view the packages available. Click 'not had your graduation yet' and enter your details.


Straight after the ceremony all graduates and guests are invited to a reception in the Lindisfarne Room, Hadrian Building.

Each reception will last for approximately 45 minutes and they are scheduled to take place immediately after each ceremony. Graduates and guests will be served a free glass of prosecco (or non-alcoholic alternative) and a bar will also be open for graduates/guests to purchase further drinks. 

Alongside refreshments, there will also be photo opportunities at the reception, including a 360 video booth, flower wall and light up letters.

Any prize giving from the schools will be awarded in the reception.