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Award Certificates

Your Certificate (Parchment)

Parchment is the word which the University uses to mean your certificate. Your parchment is an official document which proves you have a Newcastle University qualification.

We’ll release your electronic degree certificate to you through the Digitary CORE portal. Digitary CORE is a secure and trusted provider of electronic documents. This will happen within 6 weeks of your final results being awarded. The hard copy of your certificate will be produced at the same time.

If you receive your final results:

  • near the time of a graduation ceremony, your degree certificate will be ready for you on the day of your ceremony
  • at any other time of year, we will contact you by email with options for delivery/collection
Example of a Newcastle University Parchment tube
Appearance of names on parchments

Your name will appear on your parchment exactly as it appears in the University records. We print your surname in capital letters.

Parchment Security

Each parchment is unique.

All parchments contain Parchment security features (PDF: 130 KB) to prevent fraudulent use.

Although the University’s trading name is Newcastle University, the name University of Newcastle upon Tyne is still used on degree parchments.

Electronic Documents

Students who graduate from July 2018 onwards will also receive an electronic Degree Certificate and Higher Education Achievement Report (HEAR). All documents are issued via Digitary CORE.

An email will be sent to your University email address to let you know when documents have been issued to you. Simply click on the link provided and follow the instructions.


What to do if you haven't received your parchment

Up to 6 weeks after you've completed your award:

  • sit tight; it could take this long to reach you

Between 6 weeks and 1 year after completion:

More than a year after completion:

Replacement Certificates

Only one copy of your degree certificate may be in existence at any one time. If your original degree certificate has been lost or destroyed you'll need to order a Replacement Degree Certificate. This costs £36.

We'll need:

  • a scan or photocopy of your ID (passport or birth certificate)
  • evidence of any name change between graduation and now, eg marriage certificate or Deed Poll certificate (if applicable)

If you still have your original certificate, you should request certified copies of your parchment instead.

What you need to know

The front of a Replacement Certificate looks like an original. On the back, the words 'Duplicate Issued' and the date of production appear.

Replacement Certificates will bear the name you used when you graduated.

There are only two situations where we can make a retrospective name change to a certificate:

  1. If an administrative error has occurred
  2. If we have to make a change under the provisions of the Gender Recognition Act 2004

When a Replacement Certificate is issued, your original becomes void. So don't order one if you still have your original, order certified copies instead (see below).

Each parchment is unique. It contains Parchment security features (PDF: 130 KB) to prevent fraudulent use.

Certified copies of parchments

Post-2018 Graduates

Graduates from 2018 onwards will have access to Digitary, which you will have an Electronic Certified Parchment. This document:

  • is free
  • can be accessed any time
  • has the possibility to be securely shared directly with employers/other institutions

Pre-2018 Graduates

For Graduates who still have their original parchment or have copies of their original parchment, we certify them as true copies of an original document issued by Newcastle University.

What you need to do:

We'll also need:

  • a scan or photocopy of your ID (passport or birth certificate)
  • a scan or two photocopies of your original parchment
  • evidence of any name change between graduation and now (e.g. marriage certificate or Deed Poll certificate; if applicable)

We use a Newcastle University stamp and authorised signature on the front of the document.

Third Party Verifications

For verification requests please visit Results, Documents and Verifications page.