Centre for Urban and Regional Development Studies

History of CURDS

Our History

In 1977, on the initiative of John Goddard, the University established the Centre for Urban and Regional Development Studies.

It aimed to bring together, for the purposes of research, academics and others interested in furthering understanding of urban and regional development problems.

Since then, among other achievements, CURDS has gone on to:

In addition to John Goddard, there are now 27 people associated with CURDS who have gone on to be awarded professorial positions, with six still at CURDS.

Professor John Goddard talks about the history and value of CURDS.


A number of video testimonials have been produced, with views from top world academics who have worked with CURDS over the years.

Past achievements

In addition, CURDS have produced a brief history of CURDS (PDF: 2.36MB) booklet, providing a year-by-year summary of our research projects, publications and researchers.