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Endowed Lectures

Endowed Lectures

Many INSIGHTS Public Lectures are associated with endowments received by benefactors and Newcastle University Alumni

Albert Latner Memorial Lecture in Clinical Biochemistry

Origins: The Albert Latner Memorial Lecture in Clinical Biochemistry was established in 1995 by his family to celebrate the life and many achievements of Albert Latner (1912-1992), first Professor of Clinical Biochemistry at Newcastle University.
Subject: Medicine
Frequency: Annual
List of Past Albert Latner Memorial Lectures

Charlton Memorial Lecture

Origins: The Charlton Memorial Lecture was founded by George Charlton in 1919 in memory of his brother William Henry Charlton (1846-1918) who studied in the Fine Art Department at Armstrong College. Born in Newcastle, William travelled across Britain and Europe, studying for a time at Académie Julian in Paris.
Subject: Fine Art
Frequency: Annual
List of Past Charlton Memorial Lectures

Holmes Memorial Lectures

Origins: The Holmes Memorial Lectures were founded in 1937 as a memorial to Newcastle born John H Holmes (1857-1935), one of the great pioneers of the development of electrical engineering. The lectures are designed for 10- to 14-year-olds with the intention of fostering an interest in science.
Subject: Science
Frequency: Annual

Jack Jeffery Lecture on Environment and Sustainability

Origins: The Jack Jeffery Lecture was set up by a donation from Jack Jeffery (1930-2017), a Newcastle University Alumnus and Chair of Convocation.
Subject: Environment and Sustainability
Frequency: Every 2 years
List of Past Jack Jeffery Lectures

Jacobson Lecture

Origins: The Jacobson Lecture is endowed by a generous gift from the Ruth and Lionel Jacobson Fund.‌
Subject: Medicine
Frequency: Annual
List of Past Jacobson Lectures

Riddell Memorial Lectures

Origins: The Riddell Lectures were endowed by Dr Wilfred Hall, a member of the Council of Armstrong College, to commemorate Sir John Walter Buchanan Riddell, a distinguished member of an historic Northumberland family, who died in 1924. They are comprised of two separate but connected lectures, delivered on consecutive evenings as part of the INSIGHTS Public Lecture programme at Newcastle University, generally on a biennial basis.
Subject: Religion
Frequency: Annual
List of Past Riddell Memorial Lectures

Sophia Lecture

Origins: The Sophia Lecture was founded in 1977, and is endowed by members of the Bosanquet family in memory of Ellen Sophia Bosanquet (1875-1965), daughter of the late Dr Thomas Hodgkin, first Treasurer of Armstrong College, and mother of Charles I C Bosanquet, first Vice-Chancellor of this University. 
Subject: Any suitable subject, delivered by a prominent female speaker
Frequency: Every 2 years
List of Past Sophia Lectures