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What We Spend & How We Spend It

Strategy and Management of Finance

Our Finance Office provides accounting, procurement and contracting services, helping to make best use of the University's resources and fulfilling its statutory responsibilities.

Information that may damage the University’s commercial interests will be excluded from publication.

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Financial Statements

Here you can find our financial statements.

University Investments

As part of the University's Socially Responsible Investment (SRI) Policy, details of the University’s investment portfolio will be published annually. This will allow for scrutiny by the University community.

Executive Board (EB) will consider expressions of concern from within the University community related to specific companies whose activities or values appear, on the basis of clear evidence, to be incompatible with the University’s core values and give grounds for serious concern.

For details of the procedure that is followed, read our Socially Responsible Investment Policy (PDF: 171 KB).


Find out information about expenses.

‌The details of the total sums claimed in expenses by the members of Executive Board (EB) are available to download as pdf documents below. The information is extracted from the University’s electronic expenses system. For each claim made by individuals the total expenses by category is given along with the total expenses claimed over the period. Some of the claims are for multiple journeys and this is highlighted on the pdf documents.

It is important to note that some of the travel expenses claimed by the members of Executive Board may be externally funded by third party organisations and the costs of the trips are reimbursed by them after the event.

The purpose of the electronic expenses system is a financial one. It is to monitor/report on levels of expenditure for various categories of expenses, not their details. The electronic expenses system does not record, nor does it need to record, the full details associated with each claim. For example, whether the mode of transport was first or standard class, the reason for the journey or the name of the hotel, is not recorded on the system.

In addition to their core role, each member of Executive Board has a different portfolio of recurrent and project responsibilities. The nature of the core role combined with the Executive Board portfolio and external responsibilities means that some members of Executive Board have to travel more extensively than others.