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Faith space policy and procedure


The University is committed to preserving spaces for faith, worship and spirituality. Observance of this policy will enable us to meet this commitment. This policy is intended to have a positive impact for people of all faiths and none.

We have a formal prayer space available on the Newcastle University campus: the Muslim prayer space located in the King George VI (KGVI) Building. This policy can also apply to other spaces, such as Quiet Rooms, which may on occasion be used as temporary faith spaces (functionality of these rooms may vary; please check this with the local school/building manager).

To ensure that faith spaces are used appropriately, users are required to follow the following procedure.



1. You must activate your University smartcard as part of the registration or induction process, as this permits access to the KGVI prayer space and other buildings in which quiet rooms may be located

2. All faith space facilities and quiet rooms are under University management

  • The King George VI prayer space is open 7 days per week, from 02:00 – 00:00, 365 days per year (except for Ramadan), allowing 24/7 smart card access throughout this holy month
  • University quiet rooms are generally provided for students and colleagues only. Please check with the localised school/building manager for more information including timings and availability

Special arrangements to change the hours or locations can be made in agreement with the Registrar e.g. for particular religious festivals. Requests for these should, in the first instance, go to the Faith Facility and Operations Manager via email, who will work with the appropriate colleagues to consider these requests.

3. All prayer and faith space facilities are primarily provided for the use of Newcastle University students and colleagues who hold a valid smartcard. The KGVI prayer space and University quiet rooms are not for general public use

The facilities are available for use by students and colleagues in the University (including NUSU colleagues) and their immediate family members (e.g. partners or children) and authorised guests visiting on University business e.g. conference delegates. Immediate family members and authorised guests may only use the prayer space when accompanied by a holder of a valid smartcard, and they must sign the visitors’ book provided by the University for this purpose.

4. We welcome visits and tours to the KGVI prayer space, however these must be supported, appropriately risk assessed and formally organised via the Faith Facility and Operations Manager

  • School (e.g. local primary, junior and secondary) visits should always be organised in agreement with the Deputy Head of UK Recruitment and WP
  • All other tours or visits should be organised via the Faith Facility and Operations Manager. In order to preserve the safety and spiritual nature of our prayer spaces, informal visits from unauthorised individuals or groups are never permitted

5. Anyone using the KGVI prayer space must swipe their smartcard on one of the two smartcard readers when entering. Where a number of users arrive at the same time, we ask that users are patient to ensure that each individual swipes their smartcard upon entry to the facility. This enables the University to gauge whether the space allocated is sufficient, as well be able to ascertain who is in the building in the event of an emergency such as a fire

6. It is the responsibility of the smartcard holder to allow access to authorised guests and sign them into the visitors’ book. The use of a visitors’ book is to ensure the University can identify who is in the building in the event of an emergency such as a fire

7. You must not allow others to use your smartcard to gain access to the facility

8. In order to support the safe running of our whole campus, University security officers will visit the prayer and faith space facilities at various times during the day and night. During these visits you may be asked to show your University smartcard to a member of the Security Team. The Faith Facility and Operations Manager may also ask you to show your smart card. This is to show that you are a current student or colleague of the University. If, when asked, you are unable to show your smartcard, you and any accompanying authorised guests may be asked to leave the facility


9. When using the KGVI prayer space or a University quiet room you must comply with any other relevant University or NUSU policies e.g. Health and Safety, Dignity and Respect procedure

10. The smartcard holder is responsible for the behaviour and safety of any authorised guests while they are using the KGVI prayer space. This includes the behaviour and safety of children (any persons under 16 years old). Children should not be left unaccompanied when in any prayer or quiet room facility

11. So everyone can enjoy the space equally, please leave the faith or prayer facility as you found it, return any furniture etc. to its original location, and ensure that the room is clean and tidy when you leave

12. To help support connections within our University community a notice board is provided. Notices and posters must be approved by the Faith Facility and Operations Manager (see Other important notes, below) and only displayed on the designated noticeboards provided. Notices and posters should have an English translation to ensure the information is accessible to all

13. Any notices that contravene the above regulations will be removed

14. Any raising of monies by a Students’ Union society must abide by NUSU’s Charitable Collection Guidance

15. You are responsible for looking after your own personal belongings. You must not leave or store any personal belongings in the KGVI Prayer Space or University Quiet Rooms

16. It is not permitted for anyone to sleep in the KGVI Prayer Space or University Quiet Rooms at any time. Anyone found sleeping will be asked to leave and may have their access to the facility withdrawn

17. Unlawful behaviour, such as discrimination, harassment or violence, in the KGVI Prayer Space or University Quiet Rooms will not be tolerated. Such behaviour will lead to access being withdrawn and disciplinary action will be taken in accordance with the University’s Disciplinary Procedures (Student / Staff: PDF: 151KB)

18. As is the case for all University buildings, any changes to the fabric of the building or any electrical changes must not be undertaken by anyone other than Universityapproved contractors or Estates Maintenance colleagues. Any perceived necessary changes should be requested through the Faith Facility and Operations Manager who will work with Estates Support Services to ensure they are carried out by the relevant University Estates department

Other Important Notes

In the case of an emergency users of the KGVI prayer space or University quiet rooms should contact University security on 0191 208 6666.

During an emergency University security and other staff may need access to the KGVI prayer space or University quiet rooms rapidly. It may not be possible to respect the usual practices associated with entering a place of worship, such as the removal of shoes. It is expected that users will recognise the importance of any necessary action and will follow instructions in the event of an emergency.

The Faith Facility and Operations Manager can be contacted by:

If you notice any maintenance or cleaning issues which the University should address, please contact the Faith Facility and Operations Manager. For first aid or other immediate assistance, contact the Faith Facility and Operations Manager or in their absence, the University Estate Security Service on 0191 208 6666.

Any breach of this policy or any other misuse of prayer and faith space facilities may lead to University’s disciplinary action and or the withdrawal of access to these facilities.

Usage of the prayer and faith space facilities, including compliance with this policy, will be reviewed on a regular basis and, where necessary, this policy will be revised.

  • Professor Tom Ward Pro-Vice-Chancellor, Education 18 October 2016
  • Revised October 16th 2017 to accommodate the appointment of the Faith Facility and Operations Manager
  • Revised 30th June 2022 to accommodate for recent facility amendments and change of Policy Owner